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10 Reasons to Advertise in The Buzz

1.    The Buzz gets read. No other community magazine is as well established or as well read in Bellaire, West University, Memorial, Tanglewood and River Oaks. Since 2002, The Buzz Magazines has earned trust, loyalty and relationships in these communities.

2.    The Buzz gets results. 85% of residents surveyed said they have made a purchase as a direct result of seeing an ad in The Buzz.

3.    The Buzz is affordable. Where else can you deliver a professionally designed, 4-color advertisement by U.S. Mail to 58,000 homes for less than two cents per household?

4.    The Buzz is mailed directly to homes. Rack distribution and publications thrown on the lawn provide no guarantee that they will be picked up, let alone read.

5.    The Buzz content is unique. Each month, we publish four community lifestyle magazines filled with human interest stories – all-original, first-time content – about local people and happenings.

6.    The Buzz is targeted. With 90% of goods and services purchased within five miles of home, The Buzz reaches your most likely prospects without any wasted circulation.

7.    The Buzz has a 30-day shelf life, 4X longer than weekly publications and 30X longer than daily publications.

8.    The Buzz is a 4-color, glossy magazine, providing an attractive, credible environment to advertise your business.

9.    In addition to display ads, advertisers may purchase advertorial space to educate readers and establish themselves as “local experts”.

10.  The Buzz provides residents with a refreshing break from the endless barrage of negative news found in newspapers, television and radio.

Still not convinced? Ask residents about The Buzz or talk to any of our advertisers.