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Advertorial Guidelines

To maintain the editorial style of our publications, all advertorials must adhere to the following format:
  1. Headlines must fit on a single line (typically no more than 4 words.) The first word in the headline is initial capped. All other words in the headline are lower case unless the word is a proper noun.
  2. To fit the space, body copy should be approximately 225 words for a quarter-page advertorial and 450 words for a half page, INCLUDING all contact information. Please note: these are approximate word counts. You may be required to provide additional copy or cut copy as necessary.
  3. Copy must be in paragraph form. Do not include formatting (e.g., boldface type, numerical lists, bullets points, etc.)
  4. Contact information must appear at the bottom in the format shown and be no more than three lines.
  5. A single photo or logo must appear. QR Codes may not be used.
  6. All copy is subject to approval and editing by The Buzz Magazines for space, grammar and editorial style.