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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to advertise for 12 months? There is no minimum number of ads required. You can run as little as one time (with the exception of an eighth page ad, which requires 6X).

2. Do I have to run in all four magazines? No, you can run in one, two, three or all four magazines. You can also rotate between magazines.

3. Can I add onto my contract once it begins? Yes, you can add onto your contract at any time.

4. Do I have to run the same ad each month? No, you can change your ad each month.

5. Do I have to run the same ad size each month? No, you can change sizes whenever you wish.

6. Will you design my ad? Yes, we offer complimentary design and production of your ad, using the photos, copy points and a logo you provide. You will see a proof to make any corrections or changes prior to going to press.

7. Where will my ad appear? Premium positions are available at an additional cost. All other ads are placed throughout the magazine.

8. When does it come out? Residents typically receive the magazine in their mail the first of each month, depending upon the individual mail carrier.

9. Who gets the magazine? The Buzz is mailed to 58,000 homes in our coverage areas. Individual carrier routes are selected based upon household income and other demographic information.

10. Will you write a story about my business? Our editorial content is strictly non-business related. We offer advertorials as an option for those advertisers wishing to write about their business.