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Reader Testimonials

“Thank you for publishing such a first rate magazine. We never miss reading an issue.”
- Amy Brazda, Bellaire

“I wanted to thank you for the great article about stem cell/bone marrow donations in your August issue. Thank you for your excellent coverage of such an important topic. Thanks so much for your interest in Tracye Sellers’ stem cell testing event. I appreciate your excellent coverage of neighborhood events.”
- Judy Siverson, Braes Heights

“I receive the Tanglewood Buzz and very much enjoyed reading your article titled Public vs. Private Schools. Thank you for providing objective information about school options.”
- Carolyn Means, Tanglewood

“What a great idea you all have to include the Neighborhood Tails column. It gets parents and kids reading The Buzz. I also really enjoyed the Buzz Kidz column on Cade Calcote (Life with Tourettes). What a brave kid. ”
- Meagan Conway, West University

“Please continue your Travel Buzz column. The stories from local people make this most credible source for travel information.”
- Melissa Aldrich, Braeswood Place

“I live in Memorial and enjoy your magazine, in spite of all the other material we receive on a daily basis; it’s one I do read.”
- M. Scott Greene, Memorial

“I just saw the article (Be the Match by Andy Blitzer) online. Several friends of mine from Bellaire had told me they saw it. Wow, really a great article! I hope it gets people to donate.”
- Susan E. Walker, Bellaire

“Your magazine is really a breath of fresh air.”
- Judy Thornton, Tanglewood

“Issue after issue you guys are hitting it out of the park. I grab it as soon as I see it hit my doorstep.”
- Susan Hoffman, West University

“I’ve been blown away from the response to our being featured in The Tanglewood Buzz. Your magazine gets a lot of attention. Keep up the good work. ”
- Pat Gilbert, Tanglewood

“Just like me, many friends say they always look forward to receiving The Buzz because they always know someone in it.”
- Olivia Fisher, West University

“Very enjoyable! Your publication has opened our front door and invited our neighbors in ‘on our time schedule.”
- Jeannine Bergt, West University

“The articles are relevant and enjoyable. Thank you for creating this magazine – I have truly enjoyed reading it.”
- Lisa Pardo Sharp, West University

“My family can’t wait to get the Buzz in our mail. My husband and I read it cover to cover and my children fight over who gets to read it next. Keep up the good work!”
- Sue Baumgarten, Bellaire

“We really, really enjoy reading your publication. We even like reading the ads.”
- Annette Schwartz, Houston

“We moved to Bellaire about 4 months ago would not have known what to do without The Bellaire Buzz. We can’t wait to get it.”
- Andy & Kathy Szoeke, Bellaire

“I enjoy getting The West University Buzz. It gives me an opportunity to catch up on happenings and find out about businesses I may not have been aware of. Keep up the great job!”
- D.M.S., West University

“Obviously everyone reads The Buzz, possibly more than People magazine, because my boys and I get stopped almost everyday… by friends and strangers alike…. to tell us how much they enjoyed Andria Frankfort’s article on Getting Kids to Talk. Thank you for our newfound neighborhood celebrity-status!”
- Tara Sondock, West University

“After appearing in The Buzz it was amazing to see first-hand how many people read it. I thought you’d appreciate hearing the impact and impression you make on the community”
- Susan Farb Morris, Bellaire