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Cooking with Karina: Spotlight on Turmeric

Karina Arnold
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Ginger Turmeric Latte

Ginger Turmeric Latte. (Photo: Karina Arnold) 

Karina Arnold is a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma who’s passionate about healthy cooking. She provides creative, healthy recipes and tips on clean eating.

A certain spice is appearing on Facebook, Pinterest and health magazines: Turmeric. Numerous doctors and dietitians are hailing the South Asian spice as “the spice of life” or on of the “top 10 super foods.” Is turmeric really an amazing spice or is the obsession a fad? 

Turmeric’s first use dates back to 2500 BCE. Ancient Indian healers used the root to cure various diseases including healing blemishes, bruising and small pox. Literature around that era describes turmeric as “victorious over diseases” and “as beautiful as the moonlight” due to its vibrant orange color. Hindu communities continue to heavily rely on this spice for its healing properties and now the western world is too. 

Turmeric Tonic

Turmeric Tonic. (Photo: Karina Arnold) 

Turmeric contains high amounts of antioxidants iron, vitamin c, magnesium and fiber. These antioxidants help destroy harmful radicals in your body that can cause inflammation on a cellular and skin level. Physician and surgeon Dr. Mercola recommends incorporating this bright orange spice to patients battling cancer, obesity or joint pains. Furthermore, turmeric aids in digestion and detoxifying the body, especially the liver. 

Conclusion: Turmeric is not a fad but a spice that deserves the spotlight. Sautee the zoodles in the Zoodles with Marinara Sauce recipe or sprinkle on your chicken before baking the Baked Chicken and Veggies recipe. Furthermore, adding a tablespoon to smoothies is any easy way to add this spice to your diet. Try starting the day with an energizing Turmeric Tonic and enjoy dessert with a warm, Ginger Turmeric Latte, perfect for cold weather. 

Have more ways to incorporate Turmeric into your diet? Share in the comment section below! 

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