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Carol Simon

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  • Russell Weil, Carol Simon and Stuart Weil

    Russell Weil (this article’s writer), Carol Simon and Stuart Weil (from left) take their turn on the Hook & Ladder Ride at Wee Wild West in 1963. (Photo courtesy of Russell Weil)

    From: Amusement Parks
  • Party

    When there is a celebration in the Wine Country, there are always happy faces. Celebrating Stephanie Klein’s 50th birthday (from left) are (front row) Brad Klein, the birthday girl, Susan Patt, (middle row) Andy McCarthy, Samara Kline, Tracey Macicek, Beth Kirkpatrick, Liz Silverman, Carol Simon, Dorothy Seline, Ken Simon, Jennifer Alpard, Fern Roos, Debbie Roos, Steve Roos, (top row) Lowell Kirkpatrick, Chuck Silverman, Gary Seline, Brad Patt and Marty Roos.

    From: Grape-ful

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