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Trevor Schneider

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Photos appearing in

  • Jackson Lyttleton, Trevor Schneider, Diego Padilla

    (From left) Strake Jesuit students Jackson Lyttleton, Trevor Schneider and Diego Padilla with the statue of St. Ignatius, founder of the Jesuit order. (Photo: Timothy Neuhaus) 

    From: Decoding Strake Jesuit
  • Strake Jesuit Educational Television

    (Back row, from left) Diego Padilla, John Villanueva, Davis Foringer and Wesley Pierre; (front row, from left) Jackson Lyttleton (in the chair), Trevor Schneider and Ethan Lambright. (Photo: Nicky Stunz)

    From: Behind the Scenes at Strake Jesuit Educational Television
  • School Buzz correspondents

    THE NEXT GENERATION Some of our School Buzz correspondents gather to brainstorm for the school year: (from left, bottom bleacher) Maya Kanani, Bellaire HS; Trevor Schneider, Strake Jesuit; Bayle Goldman, Stratford HS; Pranay Palvadi, Awty International; Celia Houston, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal; Cristobella Durrette, Incarnate Word; Robert Coghlan IV, St. Pius X; Natalie Lee, Memorial HS; (second bleacher) Sophia Wayne, Episcopal HS; Stacey Yard, Carnegie Vanguard HS; Celine Lai, Second Baptist; Reagan Bisel, Emery/Weiner; Savanna Lim, HSPVA; Mackenzie McAnear, The Briarwood School; (third bleacher) Sara Koch, Episcopal HS; Julia Randolph, The Village School; Elisa Flores, The Village School; Benjamin Cohen, Emery/Weiner; Anna Epstein, Emery/Weiner; Channing Smith, St. Agnes; Jenna Blumrosen, Emery/Weiner; (fourth bleacher) Holly Kurisky, Memorial HS; Catherine Gassiot, St. Agnes; Claire Furse, St. John’s; Sarah Cowan, Memorial HS; Grace Burgert, Duchesne; Sara Burpeau, Kinkaid; Emma Lapin, Emery/Weiner; Abbie Seay, The Briarwood School; (top bleacher) Deborah Brown, Robert M. Beren; Leora Geralnik, Beren; Liana Salehian, DeBakey HS; Madeline Muschalik, Memorial HS; Natalie Farrell, St. Agnes; and Meher Qazilbash, Awty International. (Photo: nickdelatorrephoto.com)

    From: #schoolbuzz
  • Trevor Schneider

    Freshman Trevor Schneider gets his head shaved. (Photo: Ray Che)

    From: Strake freshmen traditional head-shaving event