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Private School Directory

Finding the right fit for your child’s education is vital to academic and personal growth. Buzz-area residents are fortunate in that Houston is home to many of the nation’s top private schools, most of which are located right here in our neighborhoods. The Buzz Magazines Private School Directory, for Pre-K though high school, is a resource for our readers. It includes private schools that support our magazines through advertising. Our goal is to provide readers with a snapshot of each of these schools, as a starting point in the research process.

Find stories about a variety of local private and public schools – including articles written by students – here.

High School
Co-ed • Est. 1968
10255 Richmond Ave., Suite 100

Houston, Texas 77042 (map)
713-266-0920 • www.alexandersmith.com
Pam Rameau and Margaret Waldner De La Garza, Admissions

Open House Dates: TBD, please call
Alexander-Smith Academy’s mission is to offer a college-preparatory high school education in a relaxed and safe environment. Treating students as young adults fosters graduates who are equipped to lead productive lives.  ASA’s primary goal is to create an environment in which each student can acquire the knowledge necessary to develop intellectual maturity. A structured curriculum is fundamental in achieving this goal, as is the unique class size of five to seven students and daily tutorials.

Preschool / Lower School / Middle School / High School
Co-ed • Est. 1956
7455 Awty School Lane

Houston, Texas 77055 (map)
713-580-0579 • www.awty.org
Soraya Diaz Tamayo, Director of Enrollment, Outreach and Management

Open House Dates: Preschool, Sept. 20, 2016, 6 p.m., Oct. 19, 2016, 6 p.m.; Lower School, Oct. 21, 2016, 9 a.m.; Middle/Upper School, Nov. 6, 2016, 2 p.m.
The Awty International School, Houston’s premier international school, educates 1,600 students, from preschool through 12th grade, to become responsible world citizens. The leader in international education, Awty is a diverse community of students and teachers, hailing from over 55 nations. In the culminating grades, our students pursue either the French Baccalauréat or the International Baccalaureate. Join us on campus to learn more about Awty!

Elementary / Middle School / High School
Co-ed • Est. 1967
12207 Whittington Drive
Houston, Texas 77077 (map)
281-493-1070 • www.briarwoodschool.org
Georgia Stanton, Director of Admissions
Open House Dates: Tours held Sept. 8, 2016, Oct. 4, 2016, Oct. 20, 2016, 9-10:30 a.m.

The Briarwood School is one of the premier schools in the country for children with a broad range of learning differences. Our Tuttle School is designed for children with developmental disorders. The goal of Briarwood is to provide a learning environment that fosters the total development of each student and builds academic skills, increases motivation, and bolsters self-esteem. By identifying a child’s learning style, remediating weaknesses, and teaching to strengths, Briarwood provides each child with a solid foundation that serves as the basis for future successes.

Elementary / Middle School / High School
Co-Ed • Est. 1977
5822 Dolores Street
Houston, Texas 77057 (map)
713-977-1221 • www.crossroadshouston.org
Amy Levin, Director of Admissions
Open House Dates: Call to schedule a Personalized Tour

Crossroads School prepares students with learning differences (K-12) to integrate into a conventional school or college by facilitating maximum academic and social potential in an emotionally safe and supportive environment.

Pre-K / Lower School / Middle School / Upper School
All Girls • Est. 1960
10202 Memorial Drive
Houston, Texas 77024 (map)
713-468-8211 • www.duchesne.org
Mrs. Beth Anchondo, Director of Admissions
Open House Date: Oct. 6, 2016

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart instills the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus’ intellectual and spiritual graces into each girl’s mind, heart and life from age three to grade 12. Your daughter’s formation starts with heart – hers and ours. Enveloped in Duchesne’s joyful, stimulating and compassionate community, each girl grows into a unique, complex and conscientious young woman who uses her clear voice, affirming spirit and discerning mind to fulfill her God-given purpose.

Middle School / High School
Co-ed • Est. 1978
9825 Stella Link Road
Houston, Texas 77025 (map)
832-204-5900 • www.emeryweiner.org
Ms. Caroline Sarnoff, Director of Admissions
Open House Dates: Middle School, Nov. 13, 2016, Upper School, Nov. 1, 2016

The Emery/Weiner School is a private, college-preparatory middle and high school which offers the finest academics and educates the whole child in an environment framed by and infused with progressive and pluralistic Judaism. Our unique student culture empowers students, instilling a sense of responsibility for their school community and the community at-large. Through this learning partnership, students graduate with a profound sense of self and moral self-reliance, and a sense of ownership in the institution.

High School
Co-ed • Est. 1983
4650 Bissonnet
Bellaire, Texas 77401 (map)
713-512-3400 • www.ehshouston.org
Carol Wasden, Director of Admissions
Open House Date: Nov. 2, 2016, 7-9 p.m.

Episcopal High School is an institution of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, established for the purpose of providing a superior education in preparation for college and a significant life thereafter. Through a rich offering of academic, spiritual, artistic and athletic programs, the school provides an opportunity for each student to reach his or her maximum spiritual, intellectual, social and ethical potential. Operating as a Christian community within the beliefs and traditions of the Episcopal Church, EHS in its teaching philosophy emphasizes understanding and responding to the individual needs and capabilities of each student. In an effort to reflect the community we serve, EHS strives to maintain a student body that represents social, economic, ethnic and academic diversity.

High School
Co-ed • Est. 1997
2700 W Sam Houston Parkway N
Houston, Texas 77043 (map)
713-580-6000 • www.houstonchristian.org
Danielle Belvin, Admissions  
Open House Dates: Oct. 3, 2016, 7 p.m., Nov. 7, 2016, 7 p.m.

Houston Christian is an exemplary, college preparatory high school providing outstanding academic and leadership programs aimed at preparing each student for collegiate study and beyond. HC offers a distinctive curriculum and a spiritual focus, all while giving students the opportunity to compete and perform in award-winning sports and fine arts programs. Located in the heart of Houston’s growing west side, HC is housed on a 45-acre collegiate-styled campus.

High School
All Girls • Est. 1873
609 Crawford Street
Houston, Texas 77002 (map)
713-227-3637 • www.incarnateword.org
Ms. Kate O’Brien, Director of Admissions
Open House Date: Nov. 6, 2016

Incarnate Word Academy, a Catholic college preparatory high school for young women, is uniquely situated in thriving and diverse downtown Houston. Incarnate Word Academy is owned and operated by the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament and is celebrating over 143 years since its inception in 1873. Today, the student body represents 56 Catholic parishes and 108 zip codes across Houston, yet remains a friendly, intimate community of just over 300 young women.

Middle School / High School
Co-ed • Est. 2004
14333 Fern Drive
Houston, Texas 77079 (map)
281-759-2288 • www.memorialprivateschool.com
Pamela Camp, Admissions
Open House Dates: By appointment

Our school builds confidence, enabling students to achieve their dreams. The small teacher-to-student ratio, structured classroom settings, numerous school activities and college preparatory curriculum make our school great. The typical student enjoys smaller group settings and wants a faith-based school. We maintain a 60-student maximum. High achieving students find a peaceful environment and those who also have learning issues make great strides in their academics. Accredited by SACS.

14 months through High School
Co-ed • Est. 1963
4600 Bissonnet Street
Bellaire, Texas 77401 (map)
713-661-6688 • www.postoakschool.org
Vivian Blum, Admission Director
Open House Dates: High School, Nov. 15, Dec. 8, Jan. 10, 2017, Feb. 8, 2017, Apr. 4, 2017

Post Oak offers a comprehensive education from infancy through high school providing graduates with an International Baccalaureate education grounded in Montessori principles. Students at each level benefit from carefully prepared environments including a second campus dedicated to adolescent development that accesses partner institutions in the Museum District, Texas Medical Center, and downtown. As lifelong learners, our students develop the academic, social, and entrepreneurial skills that help them pursue their passions and live purposeful, successful lives.

Pre-K / Elementary / Middle School / High School
Co-ed • Est. 1986
11059 Timberline Road
Houston, Texas 77043 (map)
713-647-7246 • www.rainard.org
Tara Tomicic, Ph.D., Head of School
Open House Dates: Sept. 18, 2-4 p.m.; Oct. 16, 2-4 p.m.

Inspiring joy in learning for bright, inquisitive minds, Rainard is Houston’s nonprofit, private school for gifted students. Students learn in small classes designed to meet their social and emotional needs, challenge them intellectually, and allow them to advance at the pace that is most appropriate for them.

Pre-K / Elementary / Middle School / High School
Co-ed • Est. 1969
11333 Cliffwood Drive
Houston, Texas 77035 (map)
713-723-7170 • www.berenacademy.org
Loren Chorn, Director of Admissions
Open House Dates: TBD, please call

Robert M. Beren Academy is a Modern Orthodox Jewish day school that adheres to standards of academic excellence and exemplary moral conduct as it prepares its students to become self-confident, compassionate, practicing Jews as well as committed citizens and life-long learners. We provide an integrated college preparatory education in an atmosphere of excellence with a commitment to Torah and to the Jewish people. We foster the development of a spiritual bond with Israel and the dedication to our American heritage and achievement in contemporary society.

Pre-K / Elementary / Middle School / High School
Co-ed • Est. 1955
4900 Jackwood
Houston, Texas 77096 (map)
713-666-3111 • www.stes.org
Danny Kahalley, Director of Admissions
Open House Dates: Lower School, Oct. 23, 2016, 2-4 p.m.; Middle and Upper School, Nov. 9, 2016, 7-9 p.m.

Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School (STE) is celebrating its 62nd year as a Pre-K through 12th grade college preparatory school offering a classical education grounded in Christian values.  Over the last two years, STE students have won state championships in swimming, cross-country, orchestra, yearbook, and soccer.  We also offer a world-renowned Scottish Arts program that includes Highland dance, piping and drumming. In a typical year 100 percent of our graduates go to four-year colleges and universities.  

Pre-K / Elementary / Woods Middle School / Woods High School
Co-ed • Est. 1962
1321 Wirt Road
Houston, Texas 77055 (map)
713-686-8811 • www.schoolofthewoods.org
Sara Sornson, Admissions/Registrar
Open House Dates: November, 2016 and January, 2017. Call the office for dates or to schedule an appointment.

School of the Woods offers a continuum of Montessori education for pre-school through grade 12 in Houston, Texas. It is an independent, non-sectarian, Texas non-profit corporation. Founded in 1962, Woods Middle School was established in 1985 and Woods High School, in 1999. The school provides an educational program proven and strengthened through more than five decades of successful experience. Applications are accepted at any time.

Pre-K-grade 12
Co-ed, Christian • Est. 1946
6410 Woodway Drive
Houston, Texas 77057 (map)
713-365-2310 • secondbaptistschool.org
Mrs. Andrea Prothro, Director of Admissions
Open House Dates: Lower School, Oct.12, 2016, 8:30 a.m.; Middle School, Oct. 18, 2016, 8:30 a.m.; Upper School, Oct. 5, 2016, 9 a.m., Oct. 28, 2016, 6 p.m.

The mission of Second Baptist School is to train students in areas of knowledge that will allow them to understand clearly, to think deeply, to judge wisely, and to have the courage to live their lives on the great principles and convictions of biblical truth as they engage an innovative and digitally based global community.

High School
All Girls • Est. 1906
9000 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77036 (map)
713-219-5400 • www.st-agnes.org
Brigid Schiro ’81, Director of Admissions
Open House Date: Oct. 26, 2016

Rooted in the Dominican tradition, St. Agnes Academy provides a Catholic college preparatory education that encourages young women to develop intellectual curiosity, to work for social justice and to act with integrity and compassion.

High School
Co-ed • Est. 1956
811 W. Donovan Street
Houston, Texas 77091 (map)
713-692-3581 • www.stpiusx.org
Kathryn Griep, Admissions
Open House Date: Nov. 2, 2016

St. Pius X is Houston's premier co-ed Catholic high school. Founded in 1956 by the Dominican Sisters of Houston, SPX is recognized for its strong academic programs, its tradition of champions in athletics and fine arts, and its wide range of extracurricular activities. Education at SPX is rooted in the Four Pillars of the Dominican charism – prayer, study, community and preaching. St. Pius X is a welcoming community that embraces diversity.

High School
All Boys • Est. 1900
4500 Memorial Drive
Houston, Texas 77007 (map)
713-864-6348 • www.sths.org
Taffy Daussin, Director of Admissions and Recruiting
Open House Date: Nov. 6, 2016, 1 p.m.

St. Thomas High School is a Catholic college preparatory institution whose sacred mission is to teach goodness, discipline and knowledge in the tradition of the Basilian Fathers with a vision to develop the complete student ... faith-filled, life-long learners who think critically, communicate effectively and prepare thoroughly to excel personally and professionally.  A man of St. Thomas actively serves his community and integrates Christian morality into all aspects of his life.

Middle School / High School
Co-ed • Est. 1973
3500 South Gessner Road
Houston, Texas 77063 (map)
713-783-6990 • www.tenneyschool.com
Mike Tenney, Head of School
Open House Dates: Please call for personal tour

Our mission is to promote individualized learning and the acquisition of positive attitudes, advanced knowledge and skills for success.

Pre-K / Elementary / Middle School / High School / Boarding School
Co-ed • Est. 1966
13077 Westella Drive
Houston, Texas 77077 (map)
281-496-7900 • www.thevillageschool.com
Jen McMahon, Director of Admissions
Open House Dates: Early Childhood and Elementary, Nov. 2, 2016, 6:30-8 p.m.; Middle School and High School, Nov. 3, 2016, 6:30-8 p.m.

Founded in 1966, The Village School has a tradition of a rigorous curriculum and a highly personalized learning approach. Located in the energy corridor, its student body represents more than 60 countries and six continents. Known for its strength in math and science, Village is dedicated to STEM education. In August 2016, The Village School opened its French-English Bilingual Program. Limited placements for Preschool 2s through grade 12. An International Baccalaureate School.