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Scrambled Hot Dog

Scrambled Hot Dog

Scrambled Hot Dog with a side of banana and mango. (Photo: Karina Arnold) 

This Christmas break, Karina volunteered at the island Koh Rong, Cambodia with 20 other young adults. Karina and the volunteers stayed at an inn that served breakfast, lunch and dinner for the two weeks they volunteered. Every day, three Cambodian women would serve traditional dishes using ingredients from the island. One dish Karina and the volunteers particularly liked was this breakfast sandwich. Karina wrote this recipe to mimic what the women served. 


2 eggs
½ Tbsp. milk
½ a baguette (can replace with a hot dog bun)
2 Tbsp. chopped white onion
3 Tbsp. diced red tomato
Pepper to taste
Sweet chili sauce or hot sauce to drizzle

Recipe directions: 

Slice vertically and place baguette in toaster. Toast as desired. In a bowl, crack eggs and add milk. Mix until yolk is evenly distributed and scramble in a pan.

In separate greased pan, heat chopped onions and tomatoes until slightly cooked. Once eggs are done, add to baguette and top with onions, tomatoes, pepper and sauce.

Karina ate this dish served with a side of chopped banana and mango.

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