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Jackie Aruffo and James Salners

Annie (played by Jackie Aruffo) comes to Daddy Warbucks’ (played by James Salners) house for the first time.

Thank you for your interest in participating in our School Buzz program. School Buzz is a blog on The Buzz Magazines website that features what’s going on at schools in our neighborhoods: exciting events, student experiences, interesting teachers, and much more. 

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School Buzz Reporter

A School Buzz reporter can be a student or incoming student at any local high school. Buzz reporters must commit to creating at least one blog post per month for a semester, or, preferably, for the full school year.

School Buzz Editor

A School Buzz editor can also be a student or incoming student at any local high school. Buzz editors must commit to creating at least one blog post per month during the school year for the entire duration of the school year. Buzz editors are responsible for working with any other Buzz reporters at his or her school to keep everyone on track and keep The Buzz informed of which topics are being covered by which reporter and when.

Model UN

(From left) Lilly Gelman, Ben Gelman, Adam Hoffman, Avi Passy, Adina Passy, coach Laura Mitzner-Paletz, Goldie Serwatian, and Deborah Brown.


The School Buzz Reporter and Editor positions are unpaid, but working with us will give students a valuable opportunity to get their writing, photos or videos published on an established magazine’s site and will help them stand out on college or job applications. It will be especially helpful for students who are interested in pursuing journalism or any industry that requires strong writing or reporting skills. It also give students the opportunity to share their passions and the achievements/experiences of their schools and classmates.

Hear from some of our 2014-2015 School Buzz reporters and editors about their experience contributing to School Buzz.

Participating Schools

The following schools currently participate in the School Buzz program:

Bellaire High School
Briarwood School
Carnegie Vanguard High School
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
The Emery/Weiner School
Episcopal High School
High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
Houston Christian High School 
Incarnate Word Academy
Lamar High School
Memorial High School
Robert M. Beren Academy 
St. Agnes Academy
Second Baptist School 
St. John’s School 
St. Thomas’ Episcopal
St. Thomas High School
Strake Jesuit
Stratford High School
The Post Oak School 
Westbury Christian School

Grant Dixon crowned

Ssenior grant Dixon getting crowned the 2015 Mr. Mustang by the former Mr. Mustang Drew Kibbe. To the right of grant is junior Jonathan Sun and, next to him, sophomore Richard Hansen. 


If you have questions about the School Buzz program, please check out our FAQ page. Still have questions? Please feel free to contact Jordan Magaziner at or 713-668-4157 x 22.