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High School Grads: Where Are They Headed?


Congratulations to the graduating class of 2022. Let us know where you're headed to college by filling out the form below. Search for your classmates by name, high school, college or major.

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Where are they headed?

Name High School College Major Class ofsort ascending
George Morstead Lamar High School Texas A&M University Business Administration 2020
Anne Brownfield Bellaire High School University of South Carolina Health and Humanities 2020
Abigail Shelby St. Agnes Academy Villanova University Undecided 2020
Mike Snow Episcopal High School Lamar University Undecided 2020
Elizabeth Fisher Lamar High School University of the South Other 2020
Beamon Welch St. Thomas High School Louisiana State University Business Administration 2020
Joel S. Olivares Bellaire High School American University Liberal Arts 2020
Robert Frank St. Thomas High School University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Performing and Visual Arts 2020
Emily Madaras Stratford High School Rice University Other 2020
Genna Montalbano Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart University of Texas System Undecided 2020
David Nunez Second Baptist School Lehigh University Business Administration 2020
Nicholas Lomax The Village School Dallas Baptist University Other 2020
Spencer Frederickson Memorial High School Wake Forest University Life Sciences 2020
Henrik Berg The Village School Purdue University Other 2020
Nathan Reichert Episcopal High School Tufts University Other 2020
Pavithr Goli The Village School Rice University Life Sciences 2020
Tyler Woods The Village School Hardin - Simmons University Health and Humanities 2020
Kenan Koseoglu The Village School University of Texas - Dallas Other 2020
Lara Lemos The Village School Hult International Business School Business Administration 2020
Giselle Henry The Awty International School University of Texas - Austin Life Sciences 2020
Aishini Damaraju The Awty International School University of Texas - Austin Liberal Arts 2020
Yassmine Abba-Kaka The Awty International School Louisiana State University Engineering 2020
Tara Porras The Awty International School University of Texas - Austin Liberal Arts 2020
Karen Martinez Perez The Awty International School Rice University Other 2020
Eyimofe Ariyo The Awty International School Southwestern University Health and Humanities 2020