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High School Grads: Where Are They Headed?


Congratulations to the graduating class of 2021. Let us know where you're headed to college by filling out the form below. Search for your classmates by name, high school, college or major.

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Where are they headed?

Name High School College Major Class ofsort ascending
Caroline Burnett St. John's School Northwestern University Liberal Arts 2019
Joshua Strauss The Emery/Weiner School University of Texas - Austin Other 2019
Lara Chahadeh Memorial High School University of Texas - Austin Undecided 2019
Elyse Pedrick Episcopal High School Wake Forest University Journalism, Media and Communications 2019
Taylor Davis Lamar High School Dillard University Business Administration 2019
Shaan Sheikh Bellaire High School University of Texas System Other 2019
Tessa Walter Bellaire High School Louisiana State University Other 2019
Carlos Vaquero Strake Jesuit United States Military Academy Other 2019
Rachel Hallett Episcopal High School University of Oklahoma Nursing 2019
Zane Knipe Lamar High School Rice University Engineering 2019
Naomi Pryzant Lamar High School Colorado College Other 2019
Caroline Moseley The Kinkaid School Northwestern University Performing and Visual Arts 2019
Alison Purcell Carnegie Vanguard High School University of Texas - Austin Life Sciences 2019
Ryan Hirschsbueller Houston Christian High School Texas A&M University Business Administration 2019
Ethan Samuels The Emery/Weiner School Amherst College Other 2019
Damian Patronella St. Thomas High School Texas Tech University Business Administration 2019
Brady McConaty Westbury Christian School Buena Vista University Business Administration 2018
Stacey Lugo St. Agnes Academy University of Texas - Austin Journalism, Media and Communications 2018
Emma Kallmeyer St. Agnes Academy Wake Forest University Undecided 2018
Griffin Green Stratford High School University of Mississippi Business Administration 2018
Garett Leeson Westbury Christian School University of Texas - Austin Life Sciences 2018
Jenna Berglund Westbury Christian School Faulkner University Other 2018
Kalani Ledesma Westbury Christian School George Mason University Other 2018
Mitchell Watkins Westbury Christian School University of Texas - Austin Other 2018
Caleb Godard Westbury Christian School University of Houston Business Administration 2018