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Advertiser Testimonials

“The number of inquiries I receive has increased 50%, the quality has improved even more, and my revenue is up significantly. On reflection, it’s wholly attributable to advertising in The Buzz. It’s turned out to be an investment in a far better future than I ever imagined. I have more and better clients, they are funding great and glorious things, and I am happy and optimistic in ways that few of my colleagues are. Take a bow.” - Russell W. Hall, Russell W. Hall & Associates, P.C., Buzz advertiser since 2006

“As co-owner of a Houston-based advertising agency, we value The Buzz Magazines and what they do for our clients. In a world of ‘canned content,’ The Buzz editorial continues to be locally written and unbiased. We also appreciate the fact that sponsored content is identified as such, and no pay-for-play deals are made. A true community magazine that still has virtue.” – Chris Caldwell, Partner, Briggs & Caldwell Advertising, Buzz advertiser since 2009

“Everyone reads The Buzz! The content is fresh and interesting, all about people we know in our neighborhoods. We advertise in all four Buzz magazines. There is no better publication for our agents to brand themselves and market their listings in these communities. Our agents regularly receive qualified calls they attribute directly to their ads in The Buzz.” – Lorraine Abercrombie, Director of Marketing, Greenwood King Properties, Buzz advertiser since 2004

“There’s not another publication that has the community depth of The Buzz Magazines. They publish with local business in mind, with knowledge of what is most important to their readers, and always provide a great ROI for our property. We love The Buzz!” – Seliece Womble, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa, Buzz advertiser since 2019

“As an agency with Houston-area clients, we value local partnerships with publications that give their readers valuable content and help our clients be seen. The Buzz Magazines has been a perfect fit for our clients who love to see their ads in the local community. We enjoy reading their wholesome family content and editorial pieces that resonate with readers about relevant topics. Thank you, Michael and team, for always going above and beyond for our clients and for our agency!” – Avery Domenech, Media Planner/Buyer, Brivic Media, Buzz advertiser since 2014

“We support and advertise with The Buzz, and have since its beginning, because they embrace and support our local community and businesses. As a company working in homes and businesses in the same areas of their distribution, with similar values, we have been very incredibly pleased with the results.” - Tom Connell, President, Venetian Blind Carpet One Floor & Home, Buzz advertiser since 2002

“We have advertised in The Buzz for years — the experience is consistently excellent, and so are the results. Their audience is wide-reaching, dependable, and a great match for us. We look forward to continuing to work together for years to come!” – Tavia Lee-Goldstein, Director of Communications, The Emery/Weiner School, Buzz advertiser since 2007

“I have advertised in The Bellaire Buzz for years, and it has always been money well spent with the amount of calls I have received from buyers and sellers. Great exposure. I have since expanded to include The West U Buzz and The Memorial Buzz. Love the Buzz! All of them!” - Lisa Kornhauser, Sales Associate, Compass Real Estate, Buzz advertiser since 2003

The Buzz is a great match for our message and demographic. When you meet a stranger, and they know your recent ad from memory, you know it is being read. Michael and his team are true professionals.” - J. Harold Williams, Chairman and CEO, Linscomb & Williams Wealth Management, Buzz advertiser since 2018

“We appreciate the compliments that we have received from our Buzz ads, and we value your interesting, family-friendly content and beautifully produced publications. The Buzz is a rarity today.” - Jonathan Perlman, President/CEO, The Tradition-Buffalo Speedway & The Tradition-Woodway, Buzz advertiser since 2018

“I have been advertising in The Buzz Magazines for many years. I find the articles interesting, and the content is relevant to the area. I like to read The Buzz when it comes to my home. They are wonderful community magazines that tap the real estate markets where I like to work. I frequently get comments on my ads in The Buzz Magazines.” – Walter Bering, Broker Associate, Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty, Buzz advertiser since 2017

“I’m a huge believer in the power of The Buzz! When I first started my real estate career in Houston, I knew I wanted to serve clients in the neighborhood that I lived in. I loved that The Buzz Magazines also serves its local neighborhoods. I began advertising in The Buzz, and what a difference it has made! The Buzz is my No. 1 priority in my advertising portfolio.” - Shelly Porter, Realtor, Compass Real Estate, Buzz advertiser since 2015

“When we ask our new patients how they heard about us, the answer is frequently, ‘I saw your ad in The Buzz.’ The response has exceeded our expectations.” - Dr. David Engler, The Allergy Clinic, Buzz advertiser since 2002

“I advertise in The Buzz because it is one of the few publications that I personally read each month. It provides fun, interesting, and useful information about my community. I regularly have people tell me they saw my ad. The Buzz offers a great way to build awareness of my business and to promote my listings within the community.” - Margaret Vinson, Realtor, Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty, Buzz advertiser since 2019

“The Buzz Magazines have been extremely helpful to my law practice. The content and substance in the magazines are excellent.” – Dean Schaner, Schaner Law Firm, Buzz advertiser since 2018

The Buzz is great. We regularly receive 2-3 calls per week that directly reference our Buzz ad. The staff is also wonderful to work with, A+.” - Cat Anderson, Eurocar-Werk, Buzz advertiser since 2013

“I receive numerous calls as a direct result of my ad in The Buzz. The magazine is informative, fun, and has a huge readership. I plan to budget for this ad every year. Money well spent!” - Cathy R. Blum, Real Estate Broker, Greenwood King Properties, Buzz advertiser since 2014

The Buzz is absolutely a class act.” - Mike Livingston, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty, Buzz advertiser since 2003