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Mommy Moments: First Haircuts

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Cash McQueen

Cash McQueen recently got his first hair cut.

Recently, my husband and I took our two-year-old twins for their first haircut. It was definitely something that felt like a big “rite of passage” – more so than their first ice cream. I would say (for me at least) that it was up there with their first time to sit on Santa’s lap.

We went to the Buzz-area kids’ haircut place, SnipIts. The logistics of taking two two-year-old children into any public place or business can be a bit daunting. They tear up anything they see on the shelves and it’s all hands on deck.

When we walked in, there was a bit of a wait so we had to keep them from destroying the place. There was the cutest family ahead of us. Our twins watched as their three children quietly sat and had their hair cut. When it came to our turn, I was glad they saw those other children having their hair cut.

Lila McQueen

Lila McQueen was not so sure about this haircut situation.

Our son, Cash, went first. He fussed as the lady snipped and snipped his little curls off, making me cringe at the sight! Luckily, I had asked her to leave some curls. Lila, our daughter, had some tears in the beginning, visible in the picture. Luckily, her haircut was only a couple minutes because she just needed a quick snip of her bangs.

After the cut, we took them for ice cream and the park. They looked like they aged a whole year with shorter hair, but overall, we survived!

Do you remember your kids’ first haircut? 

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