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Ty Doran: Kinkaid Graduate in New Hulu Comedy

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Ty Doran

Kinkaid graduate Ty Doran stars as a bitter salutatorian on Hulu's All Night.

During an all-night, lock-in graduation after party, a group of new grads will do whatever it takes to make their remaining high school dreams come true. Bryce, the school’s salutatorian, is still bitter because thanks to his gym teacher giving him a lower grade, he barely missed out on the honor of being the valedictorian. Bryce wants revenge on his teacher and is on a mission to get it.

Were you similar to Bryce on the night of your gradation lock-in party? Hopefully not! Luckily, neither was Ty Doran. Ty, a 2016 graduate of The Kinkaid School, portrays Bryce on the new Hulu original comedy, All Night, which premieres Friday, May 11.  Over the years Ty has graced several Houston stages in a variety of roles and also had a recurring role as Peter Tanner on ABC-TV’s second season of American Crime.

Ty shared, “My school did have a big party for the whole class graduation night but it wasn’t at the school. My mom actually helped coordinate the event so she (and a bunch of other parents she was friends with) were at the event the whole time so I didn’t get too crazy that night.”

Unlike Bryce, Ty said, “I was definitely not the salutatorian or valedictorian for his school. Bryce is one end of the spectrum in that he cares a little too much about his grades and rank in his class, then I am probably the opposite end of that spectrum. I could have stood to care a little more about my grades in high school!. A big victory for my (younger) sister {Caleigh} over me was when she found out that she will be graduating with honors as a member of Cum Laude, when I did not.”

Ty is excited for the show to air. “So many incredibly smart, talented and competent people worked so hard to make this show happen. I’m happy for people to get to revel in their dedication and hard work.”

Ty Doran, Kate Flannery, Miles McKenna

Ty Doran (middle) goofing around with All Night costars Kate Flannery and Miles McKenna.

Ty shares a few behind-the-scenes moments. “The eleven episodes of All Night were shot in Los Angeles, mostly on a sound stage although any scenes that were outdoors, in the gym, or at the pool were shot on location at a nearby high school. One of the funniest things that happened on set was the day we filmed this big dance party scene. Chance Sutton, the actor playing a character called ‘Drunk Bernie,’ went especially hard with his dancing the first time around. That meant that he had to dance with equal vigor for the next 20 takes with this gym slowly cooking, because we are in Los Angeles in the summer and we could not turn the air conditioning on because the sound would ruin the shot. By the end, Chance was covered in sweat and begging to be done. It sounds a little evil, but it was hilarious watching someone who was entirely exhausted having to act like they are having the time of their lives.”

Ty is currently a sophomore at Northwestern University just outside of Chicago where he is majoring in drama. Now that Ty has spent some time outside of Texas for school and work he had a message to send back home: “The one thing I want to say to those in Texas is to cherish the local spots like Whataburger Hamburgers or Torchy's Tacos, because living without them is brutal.”

Best wishes to Ty on his new show, All Night, and best wishes to high school students graduating this spring. Have fun at your after-graduation parties. Just to be safe, you may want to warn your gym coach to beware of the salutatorian. You never know!

Read more about All Night. The show recently made the top of Rolling Stones’ 10 Best Movies and TV Shows to Stream in May

  • Dressing room trailer

    Ty Doran is pictured here in front of his own dressing room trailer on the set of American Crime

  • Dressing room trailer

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Dressing room trailer

Ty Doran is pictured here in front of his own dressing room trailer on the set of American Crime

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