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Signs of Hopeful Times

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Have you experienced signs of hope and encouragement during 2020? Are you ready for a few more? These signs spotted around Buzz Neighborhoods literally had us smiling so big, you could see it through our facemasks.  

family spread kindness

Connor, Mindy, Scott and Laren Michelman are all masked up and said having the sign has been a great reminder for them to be more tolerant and kind to others, while keeping in mind to do their own part in not spreading the COVID virus. 

Laren Michelman’s Spread Kindness, Not COVID-19 sign was inspired by her friend, and fellow 6th grader, Bella Kalra. Bella and her little brother, Kush, created a kindness yard sign business whose $280 profits were kindly donated to UNICEF.

The tough times don’t last, but tough people

“The tough times don’t last, but tough people” quote was displayed during the earlier months of the pandemic when everyone was trying to figure out virtually learning from home.

Condit Elementary has been sharing inspirational quotes on their electronic sign.  Here are a few that left us purring like Condit Cats: Tough times don’t last, but tough people do and When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!

Westbury Methodist did a wonderful job making a powerful statement with just four words.

Quarantining has been challenging and often very lonely. This Westbury Methodist message is a nice reminder that we are in this together.

Ecclesia Houston sign

The Houston skyline drawing on this Ecclesia Houston sign is a good reminder that Houstonians are in these trying times together.

A very uplifting and motivational message that “we can do” this from Ecclesia Houston. 

People in the medical field and their families have been rock stars throughout this pandemic.

Anyone and everyone in the medical field (and their families) have been rock stars throughout this whole pandemic and can never be thanked enough.

This sign is especially inspiring. The El Arroyo signs are normally a little sassy, but this one is more moving and inspirational.

Legendary Austin Mexican restaurant, El Arroyo, is known for the witty sayings on its marquee. Some of their yard signs were spotted in Buzz Neighborhoods. This is especially touching as El Arroyo signs are normally a little sassy and this one was full of kindness.

This sign is classic. It speaks volumes for the small businesses that we are lucky enough to have in our communities. So many are hanging on by a thread. Neighbors please remember to support our local establishments. Businesses, thanks for keeping us smiling, even during these curious times.

Hooray for the small businesses in our communities facing challenges with optimism and sometimes even with humor.

You Can't Spell Virus sign

A restaurant owner that knows that sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. Maybe they should change it to “You can’t spell health without ale”?

This restaurant knows that laughter really is the best medicine. But maybe they should change it to “You can’t spell health without ale”?

This sign makes us chuckle a bit. It looks like us after dealing with COVID-19 life - trying to stay positive but looking a little beat up!

Even when your 'E' fell down and the words are misspelled, we know the best is yet to come.

However you spell it, write it or display it, here’s the message we’d like to share with you…Remember we can’t spell Happy New Year from the Buzz Magazines without Y-O-U!

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