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Leap Year 2024: What Would You Do with an Extra Day? 

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Tim and Alma Connor

Tim and Alma Connor love golfing. They hope to make their Leap Day dream of playing Pebble Beach a reality or at least keeping it at the top of their bucket list.

How often have you wished you had an entire day just for yourself to do whatever you wanted? Well, you are in luck! 2024 is a leap year so there is an extra day on the calendar. We’ve got 366 days instead of 365. Why not make it a goal to use your “bonus day” sometime this year? It does not have to just be on Leap Day, February 29. Think of it as a floating holiday on which you can hopefully do something you enjoy with your extra 24 hours.

So, what would you do if you could do anything on your additional day? We surveyed Buzz neighbors of all ages:

From the Adults: 

“Play a round of golf at Pebble Beach with my husband and son, and my daughter and her boyfriend can sightsee in Carmel while the rest of us are on the course!” -Alma Connor

“Go on an African safari with my husband, daughters, and both mothers-in-law. Our family loves animals.” -Randa Schmitt

Trudy Lynch, Meg Caldwell,

Trudy Lynch (left) misses her grandchildren in Arkansas and can’t wait to use her bonus Leap Day to visit them. Brainstorming about her dream day has inspired Meg Caldwell (right) to make plans to head to Galveston with friends.

“Enjoy the day in one of my favorite places, Galveston, and go antiquing with friends.” -Meg Caldwell

“Spend the whole day with my grandchildren in Arkansas.” -Trudy Lynch

“Spend the day with special people no longer with us like my dad and my mother-in-law.” -Janet Lindley

“Visit the Museum of Fine Arts followed by lunch at a favorite restaurant.” -Kathy Gunner

“Sleep.”  -Honest and Anonymous


Condit first grader Norah Raffle says that if she had an extra day, she'd have a sleepover with friends.

From the Kids:

“If I had one extra day of the year, I would have a sleepover with a lot of my friends.” -Condit first grader Norah Raffle

Quotes from students in Mary Kearney’s first-grade class at Veritas Christian Academy:

"Play outside all day at the park and climb a tree and ride my bike or my scooter."

"Go to Dave and Buster’s with my babysitter and her boyfriend.”

"Play basketball all day long, shooting and making baskets.”

"Build a secret room in my home. The secret room is going to be in my room."

"Go to my friend’s to jump on the trampoline."


This first grader at Veritas Christian Academy would go to the Houston Zoo with family.  

"Go to the zoo with my family and we would see the flamingos."

Quotes from students in Jennifer Heemer’s fifth-grade class at Kolter Elementary:

“Make a teleportation device and use it to go to every sports game in the world in one day. I could see the similarities and differences of the same sport in different countries. It would be a good experience.” 

“Go to the rodeo. If I could have an extra day, why wouldn't I waste it on rides, games, horse and bull riding and songs? That is a dream for anybody.”

“Take a trip to Hawaii and relax on the beach all day. Sometimes I need a break from my family. I'd take some time to relax in peace. I would go to bed late while watching TV.”

“Travel all around the world to see the monuments, eat exotic food, and stay in five-star hotels.”

“I would get a job for one day so I could get money. Then I can buy all the stuff I want so I would never get bored.”

“Turn into a cat and climb the pine tree outside our 5th grade teacher Mr. Baker’s window.”

“Spend the day reading and baking a cake.”

Better start making your own special plans because otherwise it will be another four years until you get that extra day! Happy Leap Year!

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