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TikTok Trends of Summer 2024

Anna Galan
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Summer is the perfect time to discover a new DIY project, a good read, and fun-filled activities to do with friends and family. Here are some TikTok trends to keep in mind for your summer bucket list: 

Lizzie Nevins, Catherine Favoriti, Mia Borovsky

Lizzie Nevins, Catherine Favoriti, and Mia Borovsky (pictured, from left) pose in front of the picnic table set up during a dinner party, showing off their college pride with hand signs.

Themed Dinner Parties 

Dinner parties are always a hit and TikTok is a good way to discover creative party themes. TikTok creators like @purely_annie have shared a “summer sunset” themed dinner party that has gained virality on the TikTok app. The color scheme follows “sunset colors'' including pink, orange, and yellow. Food includes fruits, salads, and other summery, refreshing bites. 

Bellaire resident and University of Texas student, Catherine Favoriti, recalls various dinner parties that her high school friends have hosted in hopes of keeping in touch with one another. Favoriti says that before going off to college, one of her close friends, Maggie McGee, hosted a picnic in her backyard as a final send-off with her friends after graduating from Lamar High School. They decorated champagne bottles with their college colors, enjoyed good food, shared laughter, and made lasting memories. 

Board night

Catherine Favoriti and her friends got together for a themed board night. Each friend created their own board, ranging from charcuterie boards, candy boards, nacho boards, and fast food boards. 

“Board Night” 

The “board night” trend involves gathering a group of friends to create and share various themed charcuterie boards. Each person participating brings a board with a specific theme, such as breakfast items, desserts, fruits, and even unconventional themes like fast food or candy. This activity is the perfect excuse to gather with friends and appreciate the social aspect of food, while sharing different culinary creations. 

“It’s just a really fun way to hang out with my friends, especially since we’re all working this summer and we’re all pretty busy, but when we have the time to do it, it’s really special,” Favoriti said. 

She reminisced on the time they had a “board night fail” when she and her friends tried to make sushi from scratch. 

“We were trying to be really aesthetic, and we slowly realized that no one actually knew how to make sushi,” she said. 

The task proved to be harder than they thought, and they ended up going to the grocery store to buy pre-made sushi. Favoriti says that although it didn’t go as they expected, this activity is one of the many pastimes she and her friends like to do together, reminiscing on these fun memories with some of her closest friends. 

If you’re looking for more inspo, TikToker @k8r_tots shared a video of the various boards her friends made for board night that you can recreate!

Catherine Cerda

Catherine Cerda enjoys an iced matcha latte while reading one of her favorite books, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.


“BookTok” refers to the circle of people who are passionate about books and literature. Its influence has increased the popularity of a handful of novels. As a result, bookstores like Barnes & Noble have sections in their store dedicated to books that have gone viral on the video sharing app. 

West U resident and avid reader, Catherine Cerda, said BookTok often influences her decision when picking her latest read. 

“I think BookTok is a good way for aspiring authors to spread the word and put their books on the market,” Cerda said. “I like how BookTok allows unknown authors to become discoverable, and I am able to find books and genres I wouldn’t have found before.” 

Some popular genres trending this summer include romance, thriller, and fantasy. Using Barnes & Nobles, Goodreads, and Google data, Preply found that the best-selling BookTok reads are currently It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover (romance), The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han (romance), and Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover (romance). Author Colleen Hoover has gained immense popularity on TikTok, especially with the movie It Ends With Us based on her book releasing in early August.  

Painting tote bags

Buzz intern Anna Galan painted tote bags in the park with a friend this summer. 


Painting as a hobby and pastime with friends has always been a popular activity. However, this summer, painting wine glasses to wax painting on candles has surged as the latest summer trend. Get a couple of friends together, pick a project you’d like to take on, buy a few paints and painting supplies, and you can easily turn a night in with friends into a fun DIY project night! Try this candle painting night, or paint wine glasses  with friends, or even paint tote bags!

Air dry clay

Buzz summer intern Anna Galan and her friend Allyson Cortes crafted billiard ball decoration pieces and heart magnets using air dry clay. 

Clay Making with Air Dry Clay 

Crafting with air dry clay has gained immense popularity on TikTok, with many creators showcasing their projects and easy-to-follow tutorials that can inspire viewers to create different crafts. This hobby has become one of the summer’s hottest trends due to its accessibility and versatility, allowing for the creation of handmade pieces that can be used for decorative or practical purposes. From embellished candle holders, tic tac toe game boards, and customized trinkets and jewelry trays, the possibilities are endless!

Find examples of what to create with air dry clay making from @annamoraan and @heypopihey

Whether you plan to host a summer sunset-themed dinner party, or start a new read from the BookTok recommendations, this summer is the perfect time to explore fun activities that you can do solo or with friends and family!

  • Champagne bottles

    Catherine Favoriti and her friends painted and embellished champagne bottles to display their college spirit. 

  • Champagne bottles

Champagne bottles

Catherine Favoriti and her friends painted and embellished champagne bottles to display their college spirit. 

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