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Mommy Moments: Swim Lessons

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Cash and Lila McQueen

Twins Cash and Lila McQueen, who are almost 3, spending time together before heading to their swim lessons. 

As I settled into the old silver bleachers in the “parent observation room” at Houston Swim Club, I thought to myself, Shoot. What did I get myself into?

My almost 3-year-old twins, Cash and Lila, were in the club’s pool, screaming with fear. Tears streaming down their little faces.

Worst. Mom. Ever. I thought.

I began chitchatting with the other parents. I smiled and made small talk, but couldn’t help to let the corner of my eye stay on the pool where they were in their first ever swim lesson. It was day one of a two-week everyday schedule. The questions filled my head: Is this going to help them? Is it worth the time and 45-minute drive? Not to mention, I had to lug my 4-month-old baby Georgia to the lesson with me as she napped in her car seat.

Last year, I wrote a piece for my baby column Buzz Baby about swim lessons. I talked to several moms about their plans for swim lessons with their infants and toddlers. I learned from the other parents that there are options like private lessons, mommy and me (where parents get in the water), everyday lessons and then of course, no lessons.

I wasn’t sure what to expect driving to that first lesson since they can’t swim at all. My initial thoughts were that I was scarring them for life and that they were going to hate water all summer long. But their teacher, Miss Erica, was so calm and patient. She taught them how to put their faces in the water to blow bubbles, lie on their backs and float (with assistance), kick their legs and overcome general water fear.

Annie McQueen, Georgia McQueen, Hannah Teare

Annie McQueen (on left) enjoying the pool with her four-month-old Georgia and sister Hannah Teare. It was Georgia's first trip to the pool.  

Luckily, the fear subsided after a few lessons. They relaxed and started to enjoy it (they also got lollipops afterwards which helped tremendously). It also helped that Miss Erica was really good with the kids and very calm.

The verdict? The lessons paid off. We took the twins to our neighborhood pool this past weekend. In the past, they would steer clear of the pool until we forced them to float around the water in our arms (while wearing puddle jumpers, too). They would cry to touch the sides and I dreaded taking them to the pool. This time was different. Cash was floating around the pool on his own. Lila wasn’t as confident floating by herself, but she happily entered the water as I held her.  We’re all happy to be signed up for ongoing lessons. 

  • Lila McQueen

    Miss Erica encouraging Lila in the pool. 

  • Cash McQueen

    Miss Erica helping Cash become more comfortable in the pool. 

  • Lila McQueen
  • Cash McQueen

More photos

Lila McQueen

Miss Erica encouraging Lila in the pool. 

Cash McQueen

Miss Erica helping Cash become more comfortable in the pool. 

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