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Classes we’ve loved

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LOVING SCHOOL For many students, an all-time favorite class was defined by its teacher. (Illustration: yardpeeps.com)

This back-to-school season has us feeling nostalgic. Like everything else in the world, it’s not quite the same old, same old. And that made us think about what we love the most about school, and what classes we’ve loved most over the years. Here, a few families chime in to share their favorites. Happy back-to-school, whatever that looks like this year!

Josh Rassin, graduate of Lamar High School and freshman at Washington and Lee University: “Biology, but that was because of the teacher [Dr. Dang]. That was the hardest class I’ve ever taken. I had the same teacher twice for upper-level biology classes. He was a storyteller and got everyone involved and was funny.”

Sophia Rassin, sophomore at Lamar High School: “Lunch,” to which her mother says, “Lunch does not count as a subject.” “Then physics, because I like that everything was math-based and there were reasons behind everything. It all made sense because there’s always a right answer.”

Ilse Rassin, graduate of Mazapán School in La Ceiba, Honduras, Baylor University and the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston: “Physics is not my fave – we’ll leave it at that. I had a wonderful English professor [Dr. Wortman] when I was at Baylor. He was like a grandpa, with amazing stories that he would tell to help us relate to the books and the authors. He was very passionate about it, which made us passionate and made you want to read the stories.”

Keith Rassin, graduate of Ball High School, Tulane University and the C. T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston: “It’s always the good teachers, right? It didn’t matter the subject, it was the teacher. My favorite class was finance because the professor [Peter Ricchiuti] was a great storyteller. He would tell great stories about Louisiana politics.”

Robyn Rosenblatt, graduate of Sharpstown High School, The University of Texas at Austin and George Washington University: “English and reading, because I have always loved to read. I like reading to understand the stories and the characters.”

Ian Rosenblatt, third grader at St. John’s School: “Math. I’m not sure why.”

Talia Rosenblatt, fourth grader at St. John’s School: “Reading and creative writing because I like to read and write. Those are my favorite things in the world!”

Molly Holub, graduate of Ball High School, The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech University School of Law: “Spanish, because it’s what I kept going with in high school and college, and it’s the reason I went to the University of Salamanca [Spain] for a summer course. What I’ve enjoyed, and what’s been helpful, is that Spanish is the subject I feel I can help my kids with the most at home. I promise they will not tell you they have enjoyed that. But that was only until Caroline started talking about the subjunctive. Over my head.”

Chanse Holub, senior at Memorial High School: “History, because I’m good at it and it’s interesting.”

Charlie Holub, eighth grader at Memorial Middle School: “Language arts, just because my teacher [Ms. Handy] was the best.”

Caroline Holub, sophomore at Memorial High School: “Biology, because I want to be some sort of doctor when I grow up, and I kind of am naturally good at it. I don’t have to try real hard, which makes it easy, so it’s fun. We were supposed to dissect a pig fetus last year. We were like two weeks away from doing it, but it got cancelled because of Covid.”

Hannah Loev, graduate of Hillcrest High School in Dallas and Southern Methodist University: “From a parent’s standpoint, it’s whatever class my kids least complain about, that wasn’t making their life a living hell. If my kids were happy and being challenged, I was happy with it.”

Jordan Loev, graduate of Bellaire High School, sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University: “Finance, because I like the quantitative aspect of business. It’s the most relevant to what I’m trying to do as a profession, which is investment banking. I thought it was really interesting to learn how to value a company.”

Marisa Loev, senior at Bellaire High School: “English because I’ve always really liked to write, I like being creative, and I’ve connected with those teachers.”

Charlotte Krasner, pre-kindergartener at First Steps: “I love my teachers because I like to go to school. I like to work on necklaces and sandpaper letters.”

Amy Krasner, graduate of St. John’s School, George Washington University and University of Houston Law Center: “The drive to [my daughter] Charlotte’s school, past Lamar and St. John’s, makes me nostalgic. Seeing the red door of the chapel, I love going with Charlotte now. It’s the same chapel I went to.”

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