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Memorial High School

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Name College Major Class ofsort ascending
Grace DeJong University of Arizona Journalism, Media and Communications 2021
Mason Meredith Trinity University Business Administration 2020
Reagan Goodwine Texas A&M University Journalism, Media and Communications 2020
Natalie Atkinson University of Houston Health and Humanities 2020
Helena Stewart Tulane University Other 2020
Morgan Maddox Texas A&M University Engineering 2020
Spencer Frederickson Wake Forest University Life Sciences 2020
Cailey Cotner University of California - Berkeley Other 2020
Joie Jamison Duke University Applied Sciences 2019
Crystal Wang Harvard University Business Administration 2019
Lara Chahadeh University of Texas - Austin Undecided 2019
Jeanette Chiu University of California - Santa Barbara Health and Humanities 2018
Madeline Muschalik Wake Forest University Journalism, Media and Communications 2018
Charlotte Tomlinson Texas Christian University Journalism, Media and Communications 2018
Tyler Robinson University of Mississippi General Studies 2018
Ellie Rotan University of Mississippi General Studies 2018
Alexis Gust Saint Edward's University Journalism, Media and Communications 2018
Kaylin Willet University of Mississippi Architecture 2018
David Cook Send Message University of Alabama Business Administration 2016
Merritt Chastain Send Message University of Arkansas Engineering 2016
Bailey Dodson Send Message Louisiana State University Business Administration 2016
Andrew Olsson Send Message University of Texas - Austin Liberal Arts 2016
Eliza Wile Indiana University - Bloomington Business Administration 2015
Scott Myer Southern Methodist University Business Administration 2015
Hadlea Bothe Texas Tech University Business Administration 2015