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Michelle Casas Groogan

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  • Buzz team at holiday party

    The Buzz team, from left: Jo Rogers, Leslie Little, Pooja Salhotra, Michelle Casas Groogan, John Duboise, Dai Huynh, Todd Freed, Caroline Siegfried, James Arturo, Joni Hoffman, Michael Hoffman, Mike Hart, Andy Blitzer, Cindy Burnett, Sharon Albert Brier, Karen Vine Fuller, Cindy Gabriel, Cheryl Ursin, Angie Frederickson, Nikky LaWell. Not pictured: Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld, Annie McQueen, Russell Weil, Cathy Gordon, Jennifer Oakley, Andria Dilling, Tracy L. Barnett. (Photo: Dee Zunker Photography)

    From: 'Tis the Season: A Buzzworthy 2023
  • Buzz team

    The Buzz Magazines team celebrating 15 Buzzworthy years: (front row, from left) Amber Lewis, Andy Blitzer, Jennifer Oakley, Sharon Brier, Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld, Joni Hoffman, Michael Hoffman, Annie Blaylock McQueen, Angie Frederickson, Andria Frankfort, Leslie Little, Russell Weil; (back row, from left) John Duboise, Cheryl Ursin, Helen Van Rensburg, Michelle Casas Groogan, Todd Freed, Cheryl Laird, Kim Montgomery 

    From: Celebrating 15 Years of The Buzz Magazines
  • Michelle Casas Groogan, Garrett Groogan, Greg Groogan, Hannah Groogan

    Greg, Hannah, Garrett and Michelle Groogan (from left) met Mr. Incredible at Hollywood Studios, one of the Disney World theme parks in Orlando. The family made their first visit this year.

    From: Here We Go