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  • Valentines dinner

    Pictured at Sharon and Mike Brier's Single Girls Only Valentines Dinner are (left side) Marian Bell, Sue Shefman, Jill Reichman, Dr. Tracy Jakob, Lori Lazard and (in back) Frances Rubin; (right side) Jeannette Nestvold, hostess Sharon Brier, Helen Perry, Lynda Johnson, Mirl Cohen and Linda Suib.

    From: Valentines girls’ night in
  • Jila Tavakoli, Sharon Brier, Debbie Blanchard, Jila Tavakoli, Judy Myers, Helen Rose Ebaugh, Dolly Brenneman, Laura Branam, Susan Tabbas, Anna Guerra, Phyllis Gingiss, Anne Gill, Tuba Alpat, Muna Murad, Fatma Ogzel, Nuzha Dajani.   

    Interfaith Book Club Holiday Party

    From: Many faiths, one celebration
  • Monster mah jong mash

    Witches, royalty, flappers from the roaring ’20s and other creatively costumed guests gathered for a Monster Mah Jong event at a “fun raiser” for Anne Frank Hadassah hosted by Mady Kades and Sharon Maloney. 


    From: Monster mah jong mash
  • 60 is the New 40

    60 is the New 40. (From left, standing) Lili Rubin, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Michele Hosko, Sue Feinberg, Sharon Brier, Sharon Maloney, Cynthia Mills, Mady Kades; (From left, in front) Frances Rubin, Mindy Gross

    From: 60 is the new 40
  • Friendship Party

    The Hunters Creek Garden Club Friendship Party was held at Rachel Messina and Victor Yang’s home. Pictured (bottom row, from left) Gayle Marshall, Rachel Messina, Sharon Brier, Sally Slick, Miyuki Kodama, youngster Avery Weeks, Leslie Manning, Lee Hunnell, Amy Miers; (top row, from left) Diane Cimo, Geetha Mammen and Mary Gosnell.

    From: Once a year
  • Valentine's high tea

    A Valentine High Tea was hosted at Arlene Lassin's but given by Linda Suib was happier by the dozen. (Pictured, from left) Dr. Ruth Katz, Iris Downing, Stefani Twyford, Amy Grenader, Charlotte Goldberg, Arlene Lassin,  Sandi Seltzer-Bryant, Hedy Wolpa, Sharon Brier and (seated) Linda Suib.

    From: Heartful of friends
  • Sharon Brier

    Buzz writer Sharon Brier watched part of the eclipse from an Amtrak train departing from Portland. She had left her solar eclipse glasses with her grandsons but friendly passengers let her borrow theirs. 

    From: Solar Eclipse 2017
  • Sharon and Mike Brier

    Buzz Rumor Has It columnist Sharon Brier (on right) with husband Mike watched the eclipse in Portland with family. 

    From: Solar Eclipse 2017
  • Judges and winners

    (From left) Judges Pat Middleton, Jaime Titus, Jawad Abdul-Jabbar and Sharon Brier with winners Estelle Yan, Audrey Tanzil, Isabel Catarineau and Nour Regaila. 

    From: Pin Oak Idol
  • Judges table

    Judges table. (From left) ​Pat Middleton, Sharon Brier, Jaime Titus and Jawad Abdul-Jabbar​. (Photo: Christophe Merriam)  

    From: Pin Oak Idol
  • Buzz team

    The Buzz Magazines team celebrating 15 Buzzworthy years: (front row, from left) Amber Lewis, Andy Blitzer, Jennifer Oakley, Sharon Brier, Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld, Joni Hoffman, Michael Hoffman, Annie Blaylock McQueen, Angie Frederickson, Andria Frankfort, Leslie Little, Russell Weil; (back row, from left) John Duboise, Cheryl Ursin, Helen Van Rensburg, Michelle Casas Groogan, Todd Freed, Cheryl Laird, Kim Montgomery 

    From: Celebrating 15 Years of The Buzz Magazines
  • Goodbye party

    Hostess Vicky Dyer-Smith opened her home for a Texas to New Mexico goodbye party for Connie Senter. (Front row, from left) Connie Senter, Sharon Brier, Lynda Johnson, Diane Gelman; (Back row, from left) Vicky Dyer-Smith, Lili Rubin, Sandi Selzer Bryant, Connie Reddy, Jean Robin, Rhonda Glick.​

    From: Wow of a send-off
  • Rock & Brews

    Sharon and Mike Brier loved dining at Rock & Brews in Buena Park. 

    From: California Dreaming: Vacation in Orange Country
  • Knott's Berry Farm

    Sharon Brier enjoying Knott’s Berry Farm.

    From: California Dreaming: Vacation in Orange Country
  • Pirates Dinner Adventure

    Ahoy! Sharon and Mike Brier enjoyed the Pirates Dinner Adventure. 

    From: California Dreaming: Vacation in Orange Country
  • Sharon Maloney, Sharon Brier

    Sharon Maloney and Sharon Brier enjoy a quick gab in festive attire. 


    From: Memorial Villages Fourth of July Celebration