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Sevy Eicher

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  • Unified golf match

    Memorial High School students Sevy Eicher, Emily Rouse, and Elika Lee practicing for the first Unified golf match. (Photo: Paige Lindsay).

    From: Memorial Unified: Promoting Inclusivity Around School
  • Sevy Eicher

    PLEASED Artist Sevy Eicher’s joy is undeniable when she completes each of her oil-on-wood paintings. (Photo: Lisa Eicher)

    From: Speaking Through Art
  • Archie, Radko, Ace and Sevy Eicher

    FABULOUS FOUR The Eicher children, Archie, Radko, Ace and Sevy (from left), are ready to open Sandal Gap Studio, a studio for artists with intellectual disabilities. (Photo: Lisa Eicher)

    From: Speaking Through Art
  • Sevy Eicher

    Sevy Eicher, who has Down syndrome, may be nonverbal, but she expresses herself through her art. (Photo: Lisa Eicher)

    From: Speaking Through Art
  • The Eicher family

    The Eicher family cheered on Ninja Lisa as she competed – from left: Archie, dad Joey, Radko, mom Lisa, Sevy and Ace. The episode with both women airs June 19. (Photo: Kathleen Pieratt Photography)

    From: Ninja Warriors