The Buzz Magazines 2021 Photo Contest Winners

Scott Bormaster

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Photos appearing in

  • Bormaster family

    FAMILY REUNION Alli Feinstein captured this shot of the Bormaster family in Rosemary Beach, Florida, last August by setting the timer on her camera. Top row, from left: Brian Masel, Leslie Bormaster, Scott Bormaster, Claire Bormaster, Brian Bormaster, Blake Bormaster and Jeffrey Feinstein. Bottom row, from left: Benjy Masel, Kelly Masel, George Feinstein, Jack Bormaster, Joshua Feinstein, Kim Bormaster, Alli Feinstein and Julia Feinstein.

    From: The Bormaster Family
  • Kim Bormaster, Scott Bormaster, Leslie Bormaster

    Scott and Leslie Bormaster support daughter Kim as she competes in Special Olympics. (Photo: Dylan Aguilar)

    From: The Bormaster Family
  • Kim Bormaster, Leslie Bormaster, Scott Bormaster,

    Kim Bormaster (middle) was inducted into the Ronnie Arrow Jewish Sports Hall of Fame on Sunday, June 23. Here, she is pictured with her parents Leslie Bormaster and Scott Bormaster. 

    From: Kim Bormaster Recognized for Athletic Achievement
  • Brian, Leslie, Alli, Kelly, Kim and Scott Bormaster

    Each of the Bormaster children have returned home to the family nest for temporary stays, delighting their mom, Leslie. Pictured are (from left) Brian, Leslie, Alli, Kelly, Kim and Scott Bormaster.

    From: They're Back