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Cindy Gabriel

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  • Cindy Gabriel, Stan Ehrenkranz

    GETTING I DO OFF THE TO DO LIST Cindy finally nabs Stan-the-Man.

    From: Eureka Moment
  • Cindy Gabriel, Eli Weber

    AWE! Feeling awe can actually improve your health. Cindy Gabriel tests this theory with her grandson, Eli Weber. (Photo: Julia Gabriel Studio)

    From: Listen to the Birds
  • Cindy Gabriel

    THE GREATEST OF THESE Cindy Gabriel ponders love as some of it blankets Hunt, Texas, in the form of snow. (Photo: Stan Ehrenkranz)

    From: Just Love
  • Cindy Gabriel

    IN TRAINING Little Cindy Wright sits at her first typewriter, which looks a whole lot like one she would use 20 years later while working for Jack Cato.

    From: Get Me Rewrite
  • Cindy Gabriel

    BEFORE KATE WORE IT The sweater – and Cindy Gabriel – next to the Max Scherzer jersey at Little Matt’s in West University, where the Washington Nationals partied after winning the World Series. (Photo: Julia Weber)

    From: Ode to an Astros Sweater
  • Cindy Gabriel, Stan Ehrenkranz

    HER FIRST CRUISE Stan and Cindy get a “great deal” on this Royal Caribbean picture package.

    From: Cruising to Retirementville
  • Stan Ehrenkranz, Arden Evans, Cindy Gabriel, Eli Weber

    HIS AND HER GRANDKIDS Stan Ehrenkranz, with “his” Arden Evans, and Cindy Gabriel, with “her” Eli Weber, share some togetherness. (Photo: Morgan Weber)

    From: Stan-the-Grand
  • Cindy Gabriel

    A GOOD FEELING The Tom Hanks movie made Cindy Gabriel think of another reporter who fell under Mr. Rogers’ spell. (Photo: Julia Gabriel)

    From: It’s You I Like
  • Cindy Gabriel, Stan Ehrenkranz

    I’M THE MAN Cindy Gabriel wonders if she’s created a monster. (Photo: Aimee McCrory)

    From: Stan Fans
  • Stan Ehrenkranz, Cindy Gabriel

    ONLINE-DATING WIN Writer Cindy Gabriel with Stan-the-Man Ehrenkranz in San Miguel de Allende.

    From: Crickets
  • Cindy Gabriel

    ALL THE SIDES Cindy Gabriel looks at the upsides to the downsides of life. (Photo: Aimee McCrory)

    From: Good Grief
  • Cindy Gabriel

    UH OH Cindy Gabriel serves time for disorganization. (Photo: Aimee McCrory)

    From: Trapped
  • Cindy Gabriel

    ALL IS CALM Writer Cindy Gabriel contemplates the days after Christmas from her “maintenance-deprived house” in Hunt, Texas.

    From: A Sacred Silence
  • Stan Ehrenkranz, Cindy Gabriel

    LIVING LARGE Cindy Gabriel shares a sunny day in Laguna Beach, Calif., with Stan “the Man” Ehrenkranz.

    From: When I'm 64
  • Cindy Gabriel

    Staff writer Cindy Gabriel celebrates the Big 5-0

    From: 50 is the New 30