2024 Photo Contest Winners

Faires Weber

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  • Denae Schenker, Julia Gabriel, Eli Weber, Colette Schenker, Colton Schenker, Faires Weber

    FREE RANGE FRIENDS Moms Denae Schenker and Julia Gabriel delight in country life with children Eli Weber, Colette “Coco” Schenker, Colton Schenker, and Faires Weber. (Photo: Morgan Weber)

    From: Gone Country
  • Faires Weber, Cindy Gabriel

    NOT EXACTLY POKER FACE Two-year-old Faires (pronounced Ferris) Weber spots another Crazy Eight in Grandma's hand as they play against four-year-old Eli on a Saturday at Grandma’s country house in Hunt, Texas. (Photo: Julia Weber)

    From: Small Thoughts
  • Faires Weber

    WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE? Welcome, Faires Lord Weber! You have a lot to teach us.  

    From: Oh Wow! Uh Oh!

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