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Eli Weber

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  • Cindy Gabriel, Eli Weber

    AWE! Feeling awe can actually improve your health. Cindy Gabriel tests this theory with her grandson, Eli Weber. (Photo: Julia Gabriel Studio)

    From: Listen to the Birds
  • Eli Weber, Morgan Weber

    TAKE ME TO THE RIVER The Frio River provides a peaceful out-of-the-house moment for Eli-the-Guy and Morgan Weber. 

    From: Welcome to Your Crisis
  • Stan Ehrenkranz, Arden Evans, Cindy Gabriel, Eli Weber

    HIS AND HER GRANDKIDS Stan Ehrenkranz, with “his” Arden Evans, and Cindy Gabriel, with “her” Eli Weber, share some togetherness. (Photo: Morgan Weber)

    From: Stan-the-Grand
  • Julia Weber, Eli Weber

    THEIR ROVING WORKSPACES It's another day at the office for Julia Weber and son Eli just south of Bozeman, Montana.

    From: A Toast to Millennial Magic