2024 Photo Contest Winners

Steven Thorpe

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  • Steven Thorpe, Audrey Thorpe,

    Steven and Audrey Thorpe rooting for the Astros. 

    From: Let’s Go, 'Stros!: Fans at the 2021 World Series
  • Gretchen Anderson, Steven Thorpe

    A MAGICAL MATCH Gretchen Anderson was an excellent donor match for Steven Thorpe, who’d been waiting for a kidney for three and a half years. She kicked off a six-person, three-family kidney swap by donating to Steven. (Photo: lawellphoto.com)

    From: Forever Linked
  • Steven Thorpe, Audrey Thorpe, Abbey Thorpe, Avery Thorpe, Addison Thorpe

    THE SWEET LIFE Life’s been transformed for Steven Thorpe and wife Audrey since he received a kidney in June. No longer tethered to a dialysis chair three days a week, he has more family time with (from left) daughters Abbey, 7, and twins Addison and Avery, 4.

    From: Forever Linked
  • Adrienne Thorp, Steven Thorpe

    Adrienne Thorp donated her kidney to an anonymous recipient on behalf of brother-in-law and best friend Steven Thorpe so he could also receive a much-needed kidney. (Photo: lawellphoto.com)

    From: Forever Linked