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  • Holly Kurisky

    Holly Kurisky pictured in front of the Instagram-worthy mylar backdrop in the indoor section of the exhibit. (Photo: Haley Kurisky) 

    From: Celebrating the Lunar Landing with SkyWaves Houston
  • Holly Kurisky

    Holly Kurisky visits Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel Exhibit at The Corinthian. 


    From: Last Call! Houston Summer Bucket List
  • Sisters Haley and Holly Kurisky

    Sisters Haley Kurisky and Holly Kurisky pose for a photo together under the Tremont House Mardi Gras Arch. 

    From: Behind the Scenes as a Galveston Mardi Gras Duchess
  • Haley Kurisky, Holly Kurisky

    Haley Kurisky (on left), pictured with her sister Holly in 2012, the first time they saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 

    From: Music Beginnings: Rock On
  • Haley Kurisky, Holly Kurisky

    (From left) Sisters Holly and Haley Kurisky are pictured right before the initial downpour on Saturday occurred. 

    From: A Rainy Free Press: Thoughts About Houston's Flooded Music Festival
  • Gayla Kusin, Abby Wendler, Holly Kurisky

    (From left) Gayla Kusin, Abby Wendler and Holly Kurisky, all recent Memorial High School grads, attended Free Press 2017 despite the rain. 

    From: A Rainy Free Press: Thoughts About Houston's Flooded Music Festival
  • 2017 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

    (From left) Sisters Haley and Holly Kurisky attended the 2017 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. They saw Earth, Wind, and Fire as well as Stevie Wonder perform. 

    From: Easy Road Trip Opportunities from Houston
  • RHCP concert

    Sisters (from left) Haley and Holly Kurisky at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. 

    From: Live Music in Houston This February
  • School Buzz correspondents

    THE NEXT GENERATION Some of our School Buzz correspondents gather to brainstorm for the school year: (from left, bottom bleacher) Maya Kanani, Bellaire HS; Trevor Schneider, Strake Jesuit; Bayle Goldman, Stratford HS; Pranay Palvadi, Awty International; Celia Houston, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal; Cristobella Durrette, Incarnate Word; Robert Coghlan IV, St. Pius X; Natalie Lee, Memorial HS; (second bleacher) Sophia Wayne, Episcopal HS; Stacey Yard, Carnegie Vanguard HS; Celine Lai, Second Baptist; Reagan Bisel, Emery/Weiner; Savanna Lim, HSPVA; Mackenzie McAnear, The Briarwood School; (third bleacher) Sara Koch, Episcopal HS; Julia Randolph, The Village School; Elisa Flores, The Village School; Benjamin Cohen, Emery/Weiner; Anna Epstein, Emery/Weiner; Channing Smith, St. Agnes; Jenna Blumrosen, Emery/Weiner; (fourth bleacher) Holly Kurisky, Memorial HS; Catherine Gassiot, St. Agnes; Claire Furse, St. John’s; Sarah Cowan, Memorial HS; Grace Burgert, Duchesne; Sara Burpeau, Kinkaid; Emma Lapin, Emery/Weiner; Abbie Seay, The Briarwood School; (top bleacher) Deborah Brown, Robert M. Beren; Leora Geralnik, Beren; Liana Salehian, DeBakey HS; Madeline Muschalik, Memorial HS; Natalie Farrell, St. Agnes; and Meher Qazilbash, Awty International. (Photo:

    From: #schoolbuzz
  • Holly Kurisky, Bayle Goldman

    Holly Kurisky, a senior at Memorial High School, and Bayle Goldman, a junior at Stratford High School, are correspondents for School Buzz. (Photo:

    From: #schoolbuzz
  • Haley Kurisky, Holly Kurisky

    Sisters Haley and Holly Kurisky enjoyed artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Duran Duran and the Quebec City Music Festival while on vacation this summer.

    From: Live Music in Houston This August
  • Elyce Skrivanek, Piper Simpson and Holly Kurisky

    Elyce Skrivanek, Piper Simpson and Holly Kurisky

    From: How sweet it is