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Mary Ann Reed

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  • Mary Ann Reed

    VIETNAM REMEMBERED When Mary Ann Reed found her Vietnam POW/MIA bracelet from the '70s in a box of childhood mementos, she was able to get in touch with the family of the man named on it.

    From: Full Circle
  • Erica Reed, Shirley Harper, Mary Ann Reed

    Erica Reed wears the wedding gown her grandmother Shirley Harper made for her mom Mary Ann, and then refitted for Erica (Photo:

    From: Yes to the Dress
  • Shirley Harper, Erica Reed, Mary Ann Reed

    NOSTALGIC NUPTIALS Bride Erica Reed models her wedding gown as grandmother Shirley Harper and mom Mary Ann look on. Shirley created the gown for Erica’s mom 37 years ago. (Photo:

    From: Yes to the Dress

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