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  • Lorraine Abercrombie, Andy Blitzer, Larissa Diner,

    Lorraine Abercrombie, Andy Blitzer, and Larissa Diner. (Photo: Emily Jaschke)

    From: Pop-Up Party Showcasing Winners of the 2023 Buzz Photo Contest
  • Karl Vogel, Jo Vogel, Andy Blitzer,

    Karl Vogel and account managers Jo Vogel and Andy Blitzer. (Photo: Dylan Aguilar)

    From: Twenty-One Years Later: A Buzzworthy Celebration 
  • Team photo

    Pictured at our 2022 holiday party, held at Evelyn’s Park: (front row, from left) writer Dai Huynh, account manager Andy Blitzer, editor Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld, editor-in-chief Joni Hoffman, publisher Michael Hoffman, writer Sharon Brier, writer Jennifer Oakley, writer Cindy Gabriel, writer Karen Vine Fuller; (second row, from left): writer Michelle Groogan, writer Claudia Feldman, writer Cheryl Ursin, design manager John Duboise, writer Russell Weil, editorial assistant Caroline Siegfried, account manager Jo Vogel, writer Angie Frederickson, accounting and contract administrator Leslie Little, writer Cathy Gordon, writer Annie McQueen; (back row, from left) writer Todd Freed, writer Don Mason, photographer Michael Hart, illustrator James Arturo, photographer Nikky LaWell, and writer Pooja Salhotra. Not pictured: Writers Tracy Barnett, Cindy Burnett, Andria Frankfort Dilling, Cheryl Laird, and photographer Dylan Aguilar (behind the camera). 

    From: Twenty-One Years Later: A Buzzworthy Celebration 
  • Jo Vogel, Leslie Little, Andy Blitzer, Michael Hoffman,

    Jo Vogel, Leslie Little, Andy Blitzer, and Michael Hoffman.

    From: Twenty-One Years Later: A Buzzworthy Celebration 
  • Skeleton

    A creepy skeleton is working on a great escape at the Blitzer home in Bellaire.

    From: Halloween 2021: All Treats!
  • Buzz team

    Todd and Andy Blitzer, Michael and Joni Hoffman, Jordan and Matt Steinfeld (Photo: Dee Zunker Photography)

    From: Farewell to the Chief: Honoring Byron Holloway’s 45 Years Serving Bellaire
  • Houston Pi Beta Phi Mothers' Club

    Houston Pi Beta Phi Mothers' Club

    From: Welcome, new Pi Phis
  • Buzz team and friends

    (From left) Joni Hoffman, Pooja Salhotra, Matt Steinfeld, Lisa Searcy, Jennifer Matjeka, Andy Blitzer, Jo Rogers, Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld, Michael Hoffman and Bailey. 

    From: Plogging for Earth Day
  • Hotty Toddy Mamas

    Hotty Toddy Mamas who assembled care packages for their college-students kids are (pictured, back row, from left) Lisa Ganucheau, Paige Weinstein, Melisa Jordan, Michelle Ross, Misty Hagood; (seated, from right) Andy Blitzer, Michelle Herring, Wendy Wilkins Burks, Donna Porter, Anya McInnis and Karen Acton. 

    From: Sending Texas cheer
  • Buzz team

    The Buzz team enjoying Eclipse Over Houston at Levy Park. (From left) Dylan Aguilar, Jordan Steinfeld, Michael Hoffman, Andy Blitzer, Kim Montgomery, Todd Blitzer and Joni Hoffman. 

    From: Solar Eclipse 2017
  • Buzz team

    The Buzz Magazines team celebrating 15 Buzzworthy years: (front row, from left) Amber Lewis, Andy Blitzer, Jennifer Oakley, Sharon Brier, Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld, Joni Hoffman, Michael Hoffman, Annie Blaylock McQueen, Angie Frederickson, Andria Frankfort, Leslie Little, Russell Weil; (back row, from left) John Duboise, Cheryl Ursin, Helen Van Rensburg, Michelle Casas Groogan, Todd Freed, Cheryl Laird, Kim Montgomery 

    From: Celebrating 15 Years of The Buzz Magazines
  • Hotty Toddy Mamas

    GROWNUP PLAYDATES The Hotty Toddy Mamas group of Ole Miss parents gather for an “Off to College Kick-Off” at Joni Fichter’s house. Pictured: Colleen Colby, Sallie Alcorn, Kari Alvarez, Audra Parrish, Gina Thomas, Linda Smith, Laurie Boeh, Meg Wilson, Lori Tieken, Holly Willis, Wendy Burks, Beth Barton, Earlene Stewart, Lisa Ganucheau, Deanna Barton, Karen Acton, Jana Ames, Andy Blitzer, Sheri Thomas, Joni Hruska Fichter, Lauren Dyer, Dacia Rowe and Laura Mudd. (

    From: And They're Off
  • Buzz team at holiday party

    The Buzz couldn’t happen without the tireless contributions of our entire team. Every member of The Buzz family is critical to bringing The Buzz to life every month. Pictured: The Buzz team celebrating at our recent holiday party. (Back row, from left) Helen van Rensburg, Cheryl Ursin, Michael Hoffman, John Duboise (next row, from left) Annie Blaylock McQueen, Andy Blitzer, Russell Weil, Dai Huynh, Darsey Swaim, Sharon Brier, Joni Hoffman, Jennifer Oakley, Andria Frankfort, Angie Frederickson, Leslie Little, Cheryl Laird (next row, from left) Amber Lewis, Jordan Magaziner Steinfeld, (front row, from left) Todd Freed, Michelle Groogan, Nikky Lawell, Kim Montgomery, Jay Janecek. (Photo:

    From: Year in Review: Roundup of the Best Articles from 2015
  • Andy Blitzer with Minnie Mae.

    Andy Blitzer with Minnie Mae.

    From: Philanthropic Field Trip