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Sophia Wayne

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  • Sophia Wayne

    Sophia Wayne – Washington University in St. Louis (Senior photo: Mark Katz Photography)

    From: Class of 2018
  • Jordan Miller-Mandel, Karina Arnold, Sophia Wayne, Aaron Feldstein

    Buzz summer interns (from left) Jordan Miller-Mandel, Karina Arnold, Sophia Wayne and Aaron Feldstein, all smiles outdoors (because no birds or bugs were around at the moment). Not pictured: Trevor Schneider 

    From: Birds, Snakes, Bugs and More: Fears and Phobias
  • Sophia Wayne

    Buzz intern Sophia Wayne standing in front of one of Collete Miller’s Angel Wings made for the Angel Wing Project. Location: 1600 Smith St.., inside and outside the office building. (Photo: Jordan Miller-Mandel)

    From: Buzzing About Murals: Heights and Downtown Edition
  • Sophia Wayne, Karina Arnold

    Sophia Wayne and Karina Arnold standing in front of a vibrant mural created by Skeez 181, an ex graffiti writer/artist/sculpturist/art teacher. Location: 1643 Westheimer Rd. (Photo: Jordan Miller-Mandel) 

    From: Buzzing About Murals: Montrose Edition
  • Sophia Wayne

    Buzz summer intern Sophia Wayne standing in front of the Houston Pride Mural on Westheimer. (Photo: Jordan Miller-Mandel)

    From: Buzzing About Murals: Montrose Edition
  • Jordan Miller-Mandel, Sophia Wayne

    Buzz interns Jordan Miller-Mandel and Sophia Wayne standing outside of a unnamed mural by Michael Abramowitz. (Photo: Karina Arnold) 

    From: Buzzing About Murals: Montrose Edition
  • Sophia Wayne, Charlotte Baird, Sophie Allen

    Sophia Wayne (far left), a junior at Episcopal High School, spent her summer studying abroad in Spain. Here she is with friends (from left) Charlotte Baird and Sophie Allen, also juniors at Episcopal.

    From: Holá, España
  • School Buzz correspondents

    THE NEXT GENERATION Some of our School Buzz correspondents gather to brainstorm for the school year: (from left, bottom bleacher) Maya Kanani, Bellaire HS; Trevor Schneider, Strake Jesuit; Bayle Goldman, Stratford HS; Pranay Palvadi, Awty International; Celia Houston, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal; Cristobella Durrette, Incarnate Word; Robert Coghlan IV, St. Pius X; Natalie Lee, Memorial HS; (second bleacher) Sophia Wayne, Episcopal HS; Stacey Yard, Carnegie Vanguard HS; Celine Lai, Second Baptist; Reagan Bisel, Emery/Weiner; Savanna Lim, HSPVA; Mackenzie McAnear, The Briarwood School; (third bleacher) Sara Koch, Episcopal HS; Julia Randolph, The Village School; Elisa Flores, The Village School; Benjamin Cohen, Emery/Weiner; Anna Epstein, Emery/Weiner; Channing Smith, St. Agnes; Jenna Blumrosen, Emery/Weiner; (fourth bleacher) Holly Kurisky, Memorial HS; Catherine Gassiot, St. Agnes; Claire Furse, St. John’s; Sarah Cowan, Memorial HS; Grace Burgert, Duchesne; Sara Burpeau, Kinkaid; Emma Lapin, Emery/Weiner; Abbie Seay, The Briarwood School; (top bleacher) Deborah Brown, Robert M. Beren; Leora Geralnik, Beren; Liana Salehian, DeBakey HS; Madeline Muschalik, Memorial HS; Natalie Farrell, St. Agnes; and Meher Qazilbash, Awty International. (Photo:

    From: #schoolbuzz
  • Sophia Wayne

    SOPHIA WAYNE Sophia is passionate about photography and chronicles what’s happening at Episcopal High School for School Buzz. (Photo:

    From: #schoolbuzz
  • Erin Eby, Natalie Wayne, Lauren Eby, Sophia Wayne

    From left, Erin Eby, 10, Natalie Wayne, 9, Lauren Eby, 9 and Sophia Wayne, 10, enjoy participating in Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations together.

    From: Sharing the Faith