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Sarah Bass

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  • Margaret Bass, Gardner Bass, Sarah Bass, John Bass

    The Bass family

    From: Family fishing trip
  • Kinkaid students

    A group of Kinkaid rising seniors enjoyed Free Press Summer Festival. (From left) Jake Shaper, Ashley Deutser, Sarah Bass, Eloise Detmering, Louise McCartney, Sarah Fullenweider and Rob Lahourcade. (Photo: Cassie Schafman)

    From: Free Press Summer Festival 2016
  • Rising seniors

    (From left) Sarah Bass, Eloise Detmering, Bryce Arata, Ashley Deutser, Louise McCartney and Sarah Fullenweider. All attend Kinkaid except for Bryce, who lives in New Orleans and came to Houston to enjoy FPSF. (Photo: Jennifer Jacobe)

    From: Free Press Summer Festival 2016
  • Rising seniors at Kinkaid

    Rising seniors at Kinkaid (from left): Ashley Deutser, Anna Glickman, Louise McCartney and Sarah Bass. (Photo: Sarah Fullenweider) 

    From: Free Press Summer Festival 2016