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Greg Hassell

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  • Greg

    Low and slow barbecuing is a perfect pastime for those fall weekends spent watching football games. Grilling in a beautiful setting, like local fishing resort Quantum Lakes, is an added bonus. (Photo: Cheryl Laird)

    From: Low and Slow
  • Greg Hassell

    With gasoline hovering at $4 a gallon, the Hassells decided it was the perfect time to take their first family RV trip.

    From: Family Road Trip
  • Greg Hassell, Jackson Hassell, Jamie Hassell

    Just moments before the start of the Downtown Rodeo Parade, Eevee the wonder pony was ready for her close-up. The little cowpokes in the cart are Jackson and Jamie Hassell.

    From: A Big Crowd, a Little Horse, and a Pink Cowboy Hat