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Greg Hassell

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  • Greg Hassell

    Greg Hassell learned to play the banjo after setting a New Year’s Resolution in 2002 to learn to play an instrument.  

    From: Name That Tune: Greg Hassell
  • The Blenders

    Greg Hassell (on the banjo) plays with his band at Hickory Hollow in the Heights. Other band members are Bill Prewitt (guitar), Bill Montgomery (bass), and Don Mason and Judy Minshew (not pictured). 

    From: Name That Tune: Greg Hassell
  • Greg Hassell

    Bellaire resident Greg Hassell shared his experience learning the banjo in this Jan. 2005 article. (Photo: Jud Haggard Photography)

    From: Name That Tune: Greg Hassell
  • Greg Hassell, Brock Wagner,

    Friends Greg Hassell and Brock Wagner, ready for the hometeam to Take it Back.

    From: Despite Loss, Astros Fans are Fired Up
  • Greg

    Low and slow barbecuing is a perfect pastime for those fall weekends spent watching football games. Grilling in a beautiful setting, like local fishing resort Quantum Lakes, is an added bonus. (Photo: Cheryl Laird)

    From: Low and Slow
  • Greg Hassell

    With gasoline hovering at $4 a gallon, the Hassells decided it was the perfect time to take their first family RV trip.

    From: Family Road Trip
  • Greg Hassell, Arnie Murphy

    The Peanut Dude can sell $1,000 worth of peanuts on a good night. Not bad at $4.25 a pop.

    From: Mr. Peanut
  • Greg Hassell, Jackson Hassell, Jamie Hassell

    Just moments before the start of the Downtown Rodeo Parade, Eevee the wonder pony was ready for her close-up. The little cowpokes in the cart are Jackson and Jamie Hassell.

    From: A Big Crowd, a Little Horse, and a Pink Cowboy Hat
  • Greg Hassell

    Greg Hassell on the grounds crew.

    From: This Diamond is a Gem
  • Greg Hassell

    Bellaire resident Greg Hassell relaxes with his favorite instrument. (Photo: Jud Haggard Photography)

    From: Pickin' and Grinnin' on Cedar Street
  • Greg Hassell, Don Mason

    Greg Hassell practicing on his front porch with friend and musician Don Mason.

    From: Pickin' and Grinnin' on Cedar Street