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Michele Hosko

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  • celebration for Lili Rubin

    Birthday celebration for Lili Rubin

    From: Happy hour, happy birthday
  • Park City

    SUNDANCE Warming up on their day at Park City are (from left) Frances Rubin, Sharon Brier, Connie Reddy, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Sue Feinberg and Michele Hosko.

    From: Movies every day
  • Monster mah jong mash

    Witches, royalty, flappers from the roaring ’20s and other creatively costumed guests gathered for a Monster Mah Jong event at a “fun raiser” for Anne Frank Hadassah hosted by Mady Kades and Sharon Maloney. 


    From: Monster mah jong mash
  • 60 is the New 40

    60 is the New 40. (From left, standing) Lili Rubin, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Michele Hosko, Sue Feinberg, Sharon Brier, Sharon Maloney, Cynthia Mills, Mady Kades; (From left, in front) Frances Rubin, Mindy Gross

    From: 60 is the new 40
  • Tangle Lane Party Hostesses

    Tangle Lane party hostesses (from left): Liz Andrews, Tracy Peddie, Sally Salners, Iva Ann King, Sue Howe, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Michele Hosko, Delia Stroud. Not pictured: Peg Austin and Sandi Greenstone

    From: Walk on over
  • Jerry and Michele Hosko, Alisa and Bill Johnson

    Stylish people and house: Jerry and Michele Hosko and Alisa and Bill Johnson at the Tangle Lane Holiday Cocktail Party.

    From: Worth waiting for
  • Tangle Lane cocktail party

    The annual Tangle Lane Women’s Cocktail party was hosted by Delia Stroud. (From left) Stroud, Tracy Peddie, Susan Wise, Michele Hosko and Jennifer Van Arsdel.

    From: Women only