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Rumor Has It - April 2024

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Lauren Rutherford, Chris Rutherford, Avery Rutherford, Nicholas Rutherford, Elle Rutherford

PARADISE The Rutherford family – parents Chris and Lauren with children Avery, Nicholas, and Elle – celebrated Lauren’s birthday in Mexico. 

Unwelcome guest. Lauren, Chris, Avery, Nicholas, and Elle Rutherford celebrated mom Lauren’s birthday, which fell over a holiday break. A new destination for them was specifically to the One&Only Mandarina resort in Mexico for four days. They ziplined for the first time through the tropical jungle and had many hikes and sightings of a raccoon species called coatis. A fave spot was the infinity pool overlooking the stunning private beach. To their surprise, the family encountered a curious coati that entered their villa in search of food. Chris shooed it out of the room, and they all had a laugh. 

Laurie and Kevin Foxx

SUPERNATURAL Laurie and Kevin Foxx has an active ghost meter in New Orleans while riding with Cajun Queen.

Ghostly but not ghastly. Laurie and Kevin Foxx took a quick, last-minute trip to New Orleans to meet friends. Laurie brought her Ghost Meter sensor, purchased late one night on Amazon. Since then, it has travelled with her all over several continents providing fun surprises. As they stepped off the elevator at the Four Seasons Hotel onto the 13th floor, the Ghost Meter buzzed immediately. They later learned from the Cajun Queen on a pedicab for a ghost tour that there were several deaths in the building before it was transformed into the Four Seasons. As they rode through the Quarter, the Ghost Meter was unusually active. They were surprised that it did not go off at the Anne Rice house. No horror there.

Phyllis Raul

FESTIVE FUN Friends celebrated Phyllis Raul’s birthday – and Mardi Gras – at Café Annie.

Mardi Gras and a birthday. Friends rallied around Mardi Gras at Café Annie to celebrate Phyllis Raul’s birthday, Feb 11. Plenty of beads were on hand along with hair bling, candies, and pink carnations. Joanne Naponic gave a beautiful To your health and prosperity and time to enjoy it toast in Spanish as most of the friends are in the Pan American Round Table organization and speak at least three languages. No King cake was served but gal pals on hand were Rosana Scearce, Joanne Naponic, Kim Forbes, JoAnne Downes, Yanne Moreno, Josie Kaplow, Fiona Toth, and Susan Huston. What was for dessert? Boston Cream Pie.

Helen Sage Perry wed B. Douglas Simpkins, Jr.

SHADES OF SAGE When Helen Sage Perry wed B. Douglas Simpkins, Jr., Helen wore a green dress as a tribute to the Sage family name. All wedding accessories were green, too. (Photo: David Bates, Chris Bailey Photography)

Sage is a soothing color. As a nod to that colorful wisdom and tribute to the Sage family name, Helen Sage Perry wore a sumptuous green gown to wed B. Douglas Simpkins, Jr. The couple in their golden years was introduced a year ago by friends John Young and Pat Holmes. Five days after a romantic trip to Europe last year, Doug proposed. They married Feb. 17 at Second Baptist’s old sanctuary officiated by Dr. Edwin H. Young with a dinner and dance at River Oaks Country Club. New York singer Alan H. Green sang two solos and a duet with friend Alisa Pederson. Immediate relatives Phillip Simpkins and Jack, Will, and Holden Perry were attendants with 12 other family members and friends. Fifty-two out of 86 Sage family members attended. All shades of sage.

Tail-wagging time. Jane Wood, a Certified Master Naturalist and American history buff, gave a presentation to the First Tuesday Women’s Club at the home of Harriet Lester. “If only all history teachers could make learning history this interesting,” Sue Shefman remarked. Jane spoke about the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail from 1804-1806. Since a Newfoundland dog was part of the story, she brought 11-month-old, 130-pound, Ri. Stacy Kipp, Ri’s owner, shared that the Old West Newfoundland Rescue Club ( provides rescue and placement of Newfoundlands who would otherwise be homeless. Ri spoke with a wagging tail.

Roz Cooley

TASTE OF ITALY Roz Cooley poses with the Leaning Tower of Pisa cutout at the Memorial Drive Garden Club Annual Friendship party.

Viva Italian Style. Clever larger-than-life-sized cut-outs of the David statue, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and a Venetian gondola were photo opps for the 76 guests and members of the Memorial Drive Garden Club Annual Friendship party, hosted by Jane and Jerry Clark. The weather was perfect as guests found seating outside poolside on the patio. Checkered tablecloths, Italian wines, and Italian flags created the ambience for dinner catered by Maggiano’s Little Italy and filled in by members. In the crowd wearing red, pink, or yellow amongst the mostly black attire, were Roz Cooley, Connie Dalton, Barbara Files, Kimberly Gartner, Sandra Hotze, Sharon Roarke, Nancy Rommelmann, and Mala Salvador

Robert Ferry, Elizabeth Monoian, Philamena Baird, Karen Lee, Roland Garcia, Karen Garcia

THE ARCH OF TIME The solar photovoltaic interactive public artwork, TheArch of Time by Berlin-based artist and architect Riccardo Mariano, was introduced at Roland and Karen Garcia’s home. Pictured (from left) are Robert Ferry, Elizabeth Monoian, Philamena Baird, Karen Lee, and Roland and Karen Garcia.

Incredible and practical art. The solar photovoltaic interactive public artwork, The Arch of Time by Berlin-based artist and architect Riccardo Mariano, was introduced at Roland and Karen Garcia’s home as a PowerPoint to share information about the magnificent art project to the public. The 100-foot-tall triumphal arch is a time-measuring device that creates a thread between the celestial and the terrestrial by beaming sunlight onto the ground plane of a public park. Aptly fascinated were Philamena Baird, Paula Sutton, Bill Gross, Victor Kendall, Brett Hobby, Jacquie Baly, and Craig James.

Bob and Kathy Baker

BIRTHDAY IN BELIZE Bob and Kathy Baker celebrated Kathy’s birthday with a vacation on the island of Cayo Espanto, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Birthday trip in Belize. It was a 10-minute boat ride and 20-minute hopper plane to get to their destination. The staff welcomed them at the private dock at the private island with six villas. Bob Baker whisked his wife, Kathy, away to the island of Cayo Espanto, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize for her birthday for seven days. They had a personal house manager to oversee their every whim. They ate gourmet meals prepared by the island chef at a table on the beach or a cabana overlooking the water. For her birthday, Happy Birthday Kathryn was artistically written in the white sand and highlighted with colorful lights strategically placed by a table for two. The team arranged all their outings in and around Ambergris Caye although swinging in the hammock at the villa was a huge source of pleasure when one fishing trip was cancelled due to weather. Bob caught a respectable size bonefish on a fishing venture. One day, they kayaked around the island and another they snorkeled among nurse sharks, sting rays, parrot fish, and saw lobster behind the coral. They finally had to come back to reality.

Scott Drysdale and Michele Hosko, Joyce and Bob Diamond, and Vicky and Howard Dyer-Smith

TANGLE LANE SOIREE Friends on Tangle Lane hosted a formal progressive dinner to raise money for Hadassah. Party hosts (pictured, from left) were Scott Drysdale and Michele Hosko, Joyce and Bob Diamond, and Vicky and Howard Dyer-Smith.

Progressive party. Three friends on Tangle Lane hosted a formal attire, catered progressive dinner to raise money for Hadassah for the fifth consecutive year. The generous hosts, Joyce and Bob Diamond, Vicky and Howard Dyer-Smith, and Michele Hosko and Scott Drysdale, spared no expense. The weather was perfect for the walk between the homes. Even those daring to wear high heels made it without a stumble. Appetizers and specialty drinks for nine couples started at the Diamonds’ newly decorated home, the main course was at the Hoskos’ home, and Cherries Jubliee and a variety of other delights in dessert cups were served at the Dyer-Smiths’. Although one of the couples is moving, they hope to keep the tradition alive next year with a surprise host.

Bill Pinckard and Sassy Stanton

YEAR OF THE DRAGON Bill Pinckard and Sassy Stanton carry on a Lunar New Year party tradition started by Ellen English, Sassy’s mother.

Lunar New Year. A colorful Lunar New Year’s celebration for 60 guests was a dragon of a party hosted by Bill Pinckard and Sassy Stanton. The fun affair was hosted by Sassy’s mother Ellen English for years before she passed away in 2014. Sassy has taken on the party for the past 10 years. A red Chinese pagoda background and pops of purple and white were a feast for the eyes. Some guests came dressed in traditional Asian attire and then there were those in sportsmania and snappy casual. Catered and staffed by Carrie Stanton of Faire La Fete Fine Food and Events, the dumplings were most popular. There was also plenty of Chinese beer. In the crowd were Ruby Schell, Hedi Schuey, Carol Monday, Brad Fleming, and Austin Stanton

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