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Roz Cooley

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  • Memorial Drive Garden Club Holiday Gals food hostesses

    Pictured are Memorial Drive Garden Club Holiday Gals food hostesses (back row, from left) Nora Ackerley, Elizabeth Nelson-Davila, Judy Glasford, Laurie Sorsby, Susanna Jeu, Susan Farmer; (front row, from left) Roz Cooley, Susan Braden and Katherine Bodron. Not pictured: Hostess Rohan Baumgartner and hospitality chairs Suzy Godwin and Melanie Whatley. 

    From: Surprise miniature guest
  • Piney Point Manor cocktail party

    CONTINUING THE COCKTAILS Keeping the annual Piney Point Manor cocktail party going were (sitting, from left) Amy Voss, Pearl Chu, Kathy Tipton, Walmy Sveen, Kitty Oldham, Brandy Humphrey, (in back, from left) Kristin Waring, Billie Ahkave, Carla Baker, Kat Thompson, Ling Sondersted, Amy Huynh, Alison Mark, Dana Griffin, Adriana Bain, Pauline Mertensotto, Bonnie Zarsky, Lisa Issacson, Susan Reedy and Roz Cooley.

    From: Raise a glass
  • Roaring ’20s

    The Memorial Dr Garden Club Annual Couples party featured a fun roaring ’20s theme. Pictured are (from left) Martha Blecher, Glenn and Lisa Kline, Barbara Files, Diane and John Davis, Ken and Barbara Isham, Roz and Byron Cooley.

    From: Roared in
  • Party

    The Piney Point Manor annual neighborhood party celebrates 10 years with residents (top row, from left) Amy Voss, Kitty Oldham, Walmy Sveen, Dorothy Seline, (seated, from left) Cindy Atlas and Roz Cooley.

    From: Appetizers and alcohol
  • Spring