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Amy Grenader

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  • celebration for Lili Rubin

    Birthday celebration for Lili Rubin

    From: Happy hour, happy birthday
  • Rachel Messina, Linda Suib, Arlene Lasson and Amy Grenader

    DISCOVERING THE EAST END Sharon Brier's birthday guests, (from left) Rachel Messina, Linda Suib, Arlene Lasson and Amy Grenader, visit Smither Park in the East End during Sharon's birthday party. (Photo: Sharon Brier)

    From: Exploring Houston
  • Psychedelic dress up night

    Friends enjoying Psychedelic dress up night (pictured, from left) Alan Stanton, Gail Levinson, Larry Levinson, Amy Grenader, Aron Grenader and Debby Stanton. 

    From: A note about cruising
  • Flower power

    Top row (from left) Alan Stanton, Paul Cowsill of the group The Cowsills, Aron Grenader, Susan Cowsill (Paul’s sister), Amy Grenader, Arlene Lassin; (front row, from left) Debby Stanton and Linda Suib enjoying the cruise.

    From: A note about cruising
  • Valentine's high tea

    A Valentine High Tea was hosted at Arlene Lassin's but given by Linda Suib was happier by the dozen. (Pictured, from left) Dr. Ruth Katz, Iris Downing, Stefani Twyford, Amy Grenader, Charlotte Goldberg, Arlene Lassin,  Sandi Seltzer-Bryant, Hedy Wolpa, Sharon Brier and (seated) Linda Suib.

    From: Heartful of friends