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Helena Zach

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  • Braha Radom, Lea Silverstein, Zahava Hanoesh, Helena Zach

    Braha Radom, Lea Silverstein, Zahava Hanoesh, and Helena Zach

    From: A royal treat
  • Monster mah jong mash

    Witches, royalty, flappers from the roaring ’20s and other creatively costumed guests gathered for a Monster Mah Jong event at a “fun raiser” for Anne Frank Hadassah hosted by Mady Kades and Sharon Maloney. 


    From: Monster mah jong mash
  • Yarwell Neighbors

    CHEERS TO GEORGE! Yarwell Neighbors raise their glasses of Old Fashioneds in honor of George, the neighbor who brought them all together. Back row (from left): Steve Fowlkes, Matthew Schaefer, Lynne Schaefer, Ted Schaefer, Matthew Hahn, Dong Li; middle row (from left): Jeff Basen-Enquist, Trina Fowlkes, Ezequiel Garcia, Kelly Fowlkes Garcia, Lina Asmar, Martha Bulsara, Khush Bulsara; front row (from left): George Binick, Caroline Binick, Jacob Ehrenstrom, Mindi Stanley, Bill Ehrenstrom, Ike Zach, Helena Zach, Alma Irr Connor, Amy Keiter, Justin Keiter. (Photo:

    From: The Good Neighbor

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