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Sharon Maloney

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  • Sharon and Rich Maloney

    MILESTONE CELEBRATION Sharon Maloney’s milestone birthday was a winner with 30 besties to celebrate with at Masraff’s wine room. Pictured: Sharon and Rich Maloney. (Photo: Fred Paravada)

    From: Rumor Has It - June 2022
  • Pamela Royal, Mirl Cohen, Joseph Cohen, Lindsay Davis Cohen, Sharon Brier, Sara Ostrofsky, Marlene Lord, Frances Rubin, Belinda Denn, Diane Gelman, Tammy Simi, Rosanne Kaufmann, Sharon Maloney

    Lindsay Davis Cohen and Joseph Cohen's baby shower

    From: Celebrating Baby Cohen
  • Monster mah jong mash

    Witches, royalty, flappers from the roaring ’20s and other creatively costumed guests gathered for a Monster Mah Jong event at a “fun raiser” for Anne Frank Hadassah hosted by Mady Kades and Sharon Maloney. 


    From: Monster mah jong mash
  • New York City trip

    Friends, (pictured, from left) Connie Senter, Lauren Reid, Barbara Marcus, Sharon Maloney, Tammy Simi, Lili Rubin, Mady Kades and Mirl Cohen toured their way through the Big Apple. 

    From: Girls trip to NYC
  • Happy hour birthday

    Rosanne Kaufmann hosted a girls’ happy hour to celebrate the birthdays of Ellen Estes and Laura Lempert. Pictured (from left) are Susan Miller, Tammy Simi, Esther Levine, Rhonda Glick, Irene Perlman, Lempert, Estes, Kaufmann, Shelly Dimiceli, Mady Kades, Barbara Marcus, Joan Lebow and (not pictured) Sharon Maloney.

    From: Two birthdays in one
  • 60 is the New 40

    60 is the New 40. (From left, standing) Lili Rubin, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Michele Hosko, Sue Feinberg, Sharon Brier, Sharon Maloney, Cynthia Mills, Mady Kades; (From left, in front) Frances Rubin, Mindy Gross

    From: 60 is the new 40
  • Sharon Maloney, Sharon Brier

    Sharon Maloney and Sharon Brier enjoy a quick gab in festive attire. 


    From: Memorial Villages Fourth of July Celebration
  • Sharon Maloney, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Robin Littman

    All aboard the Marrakech Express (from left): co presidents Sharon Maloney and Vicky Dyer-Smith with party chairman Robin Littman (center) greet patrons at an annual fun-raiser for Anne Frank Hadassah.

    From: Coin scarves
  • Ebie Nametz, Mike Nametz, Connie Senter, Sharon Maloney, Lili Rubin, Sharon Albert Brier, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Mady Kades

    Cape Cod getaway

    From: Escape from the heat
  • Sitting (from left) Sharon Maloney, Dora Levin (partially hidden), Vicky Dyer-Smith and Connie Reddy. Standing (from left) Mady Kades, Sharon Brier

    Sitting (from left) Sharon Maloney, Dora Levin (partially hidden), Vicky Dyer-Smith and Connie Reddy. Standing (from left) Mady Kades, Sharon Brier

    From: Rumor Has It: Sharon Brier’s ‘Bachelorette’