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Jerry Hosko

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  • Tangle Lane

    Spring on over. Tangle Lane Spring party hosts and hostesses (from left) Jerry Hosko, Mo and Sharon Cordes, Bill and Alisha Johnson, Howard and Vicky Dyer-Smith, Liz Andrews, Iva Ann and Jim King; not pictured are: Michele Hosko, Sandi Greenstone, Sally Salners, Peg Austin, Anita Eigler, and Tracy Peddie. 

    From: Spring on over
  • Jerry and Michele Hosko, Alisa and Bill Johnson

    Stylish people and house: Jerry and Michele Hosko and Alisa and Bill Johnson at the Tangle Lane Holiday Cocktail Party.

    From: Worth waiting for
  • ​Tangle Lane neighbors

    ​Tangle Lane neighbors (from left): Jerry and Michelle Hosko, Dave Wood and Jan Bartholomew, Liz and Rob Andrews.  ​

    From: Walk on down

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