2023 Pet of the Year Contest

Katherine Bodron

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  • Memorial Drive Garden Club

    Memorial Drive Garden Club mixed fashion and feng shui in this field trip. Pictured are (sitting, from left) Diane McDaniel, Beverly Mattern, Jana Stiffel (standing, from left) Sharon Brier, Katherine Bodron, Susanna Jeu, Suzy Godwin, Kristi Barnhill, Laurie Soresby, Susan Diehl. Not pictured: Melanie Whatley.

    From: Rumor Has It - May 2020
  • Memorial Drive Garden Club Holiday Gals food hostesses

    Pictured are Memorial Drive Garden Club Holiday Gals food hostesses (back row, from left) Nora Ackerley, Elizabeth Nelson-Davila, Judy Glasford, Laurie Sorsby, Susanna Jeu, Susan Farmer; (front row, from left) Roz Cooley, Susan Braden and Katherine Bodron. Not pictured: Hostess Rohan Baumgartner and hospitality chairs Suzy Godwin and Melanie Whatley. 

    From: Surprise miniature guest
  • Memorial Garden Club

    GREEN THUMBS The Memorial Garden Club met for lunch and to install new officers. From left: Laurie Sorsby, Katherine Bodron, Melanie Whately, Susan Diehl, Diane McDaniel, (sitting) Sharon Brier, Jana Stiffel and Susanna Jeu. Not pictured: Kristi Barnhill and Suzy Godwin. 

    From: Gowns made of flowers