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Jean Robin

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  • Joan Lebow and Jean Robin

    TWINS Joan Lebow and Jean Robin (from left) celebrate their 70th birthday with 70 trendy friends at The Palm. (Photo: Provada Photography)

    From: Rumor Has It - September 2021
  • Opening ceremony

    Sharon Brier and fellow museum patrons at their opening ceremony (she’d like to add that she was a brunette back then). Pictured (from left) are Joan Lebow, Teri Straus, Linda Segal, Donna Palmer, Sharon, Susan Spitzberg, and Jean Robin.

    From: Fun Summer Vibes: Children's Museum of Houston Reopens
  • Baby shower

    Guests showered Derek and Ellen Thomas Levine with gender-neutral yellow gifts. From top of stairs, going down: Barbara Macklin, Marcia Friedman, Nancy Gross, Joyce Fadem, Eileen Barrett, Andi Collins, Joan Lebow, Rhonda Bass, Jean Robin, Claire Daum. In front of stairs, from left: Susan Winkler, Paulette Levine and Ellen.

    From: Boy or girl?
  • Goodbye party

    Hostess Vicky Dyer-Smith opened her home for a Texas to New Mexico goodbye party for Connie Senter. (Front row, from left) Connie Senter, Sharon Brier, Lynda Johnson, Diane Gelman; (Back row, from left) Vicky Dyer-Smith, Lili Rubin, Sandi Selzer Bryant, Connie Reddy, Jean Robin, Rhonda Glick.​

    From: Wow of a send-off
  • Jean Robin, Joan Lebow

    Jean Robin and Joan Lebow, pretty in purple, celebrated a milestone birthday. (Photo: Fred Pravda)

    From: Sixty-Five and Fantastic!
  • Surprise

    As part of a surprise party for Susan Spitzberg's 65th dinner, these gals cooked her fave foods. From left: Joan Lebow, Cindy Atlas, honoree Susan Spitzberg, Donna Palmer, Sharon Brier, Jean Robin, Patsy Segal and Teri Straus.

    From: Surprise 65th