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Claire Daum

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  • Peggy Blum, Jill Reichman, Sharon Brier, Roberta Grossman, Eileen Barrett, Claire Daum, Gloria Gordon, Orna Feinstein

    Peggy Blum, Jill Reichman, Sharon Brier, Roberta Grossman, Eileen Barrett, Claire Daum, Gloria Gordon, and Orna Feinstein

    From: Meeting for Mahj

    PLAY ON NEW YEAR’S (From left) on New Year’s are Dr. Martin and Laya Bloom, Claire Daum, Orna Feinstein, Eileen Barrett; (back row, from left) Donald Daum, Dr. David Feinstein and Dr. Richard Barrett.

    From: Play at New Year’s
  • Daum family

    Ally Daum and Jonathan Daum surprised their parents on their 40th anniversary with a dinner-dance at Ally's house. Pictured are (from left) Jonathan, Claire, Donald and Ally Daum.

    From: Surprise celebration
  • Baby shower

    Guests showered Derek and Ellen Thomas Levine with gender-neutral yellow gifts. From top of stairs, going down: Barbara Macklin, Marcia Friedman, Nancy Gross, Joyce Fadem, Eileen Barrett, Andi Collins, Joan Lebow, Rhonda Bass, Jean Robin, Claire Daum. In front of stairs, from left: Susan Winkler, Paulette Levine and Ellen.

    From: Boy or girl?
  • Ally Daum, Claire Daum, Donald Daum

    Ally Daum was ready to do the ultimate Peru hiking trip when her parents, Dr. Claire and Donald Daum, decided to check it off their bucket list too and tag along but skip the demanding hiking part. 

    From: Pursue Peru
  • Costa Rica

    The eight-day excursion to Costa Rica was a celebration trip for Claire and Donald Daum’s 39th anniversary and Paulette and Mel Levine’s 40th anniversary. (From left) Paulette Levine, Claire Daum, Mel Levine, Donald Daum. 

    From: Monkeying around
  • Super Bowl party at Rudy's

    Pictured (from left) football fans Mark Steinberg, David Lebow, Ariel Bass, Rhoda and Steven Saka, Donald and Claire Daum enjoyed watching Super Bowl LI with BBQ and friends. 

    From: BBQ & The Big Game
  • Sharon

    Pictured (from left) are breakfast club-network buddies as they throw business cards in air, Claire Daum, Linda Suib, Brier, Janet Cash, Debi Balter and Esther Levine. (Photo: Stephanie Maierson Photography)

    From: A show about Sharon