2022 Buzz Photo Contest: Readers' Choice Award

Lili Rubin

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  • Susan Miller, Richard Harris, Dede Springer, Wayne Springer, Toby Zyroll, Megan Zyroll, Yolanda Harris, Lili Rubin, Teresa DePaula, Cindy Karla, Dennis Langlois

    RV PARTY It was certainly a happy hour to celebrate Joe and Teresa DePaula’s motorhome, which has 1½ baths, a dishwasher, a washer/dryer, two recliners, and four TVs. They took it to Galveston with their four dogs but, here, are having an "open house" with (from left) Susan Miller (sitting), Richard Harris, Dede and Wayne Springer, Toby and Megan Zyroll, Yolanda Harris, Lili Rubin, Teresa DePaula, Cindy Karla, and Dennis Langlois. 

    From: Rumor Has It - June 2021
  • Dennis Langlois, Lili Rubin

    Dennis Langlois and Lili Rubin

    From: Milestone birthday in Maui
  • celebration for Lili Rubin

    Birthday celebration for Lili Rubin

    From: Happy hour, happy birthday
  • Monster mah jong mash

    Witches, royalty, flappers from the roaring ’20s and other creatively costumed guests gathered for a Monster Mah Jong event at a “fun raiser” for Anne Frank Hadassah hosted by Mady Kades and Sharon Maloney. 


    From: Monster mah jong mash
  • New York City trip

    Friends, (pictured, from left) Connie Senter, Lauren Reid, Barbara Marcus, Sharon Maloney, Tammy Simi, Lili Rubin, Mady Kades and Mirl Cohen toured their way through the Big Apple. 

    From: Girls trip to NYC
  • 60 is the New 40

    60 is the New 40. (From left, standing) Lili Rubin, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Michele Hosko, Sue Feinberg, Sharon Brier, Sharon Maloney, Cynthia Mills, Mady Kades; (From left, in front) Frances Rubin, Mindy Gross

    From: 60 is the new 40
  • Lili Rubin, Michelle Rubin, Tarik Onur,

    Lili Rubin hosted an engagement party for daughter Michelle Rubin and Tarik Onur Guests made a vodka toast to Michelle and Tarik. (From left) Michelle Rubin, Lili Rubin and Tarik Onur.

    From: Vodka and home run
  • Wanderlust 2017

    WANDERLUST 2017 If they weren't close friends before they went to the yoga retreat, they are now after bonding with crazy energy there. Bottom row, from left: Maggie Denson, Laura Rathe, Misha Laird, Sherry Tajvan and Beth McKim. Middle row, from left: Lori Milchovich, Laura McAughan, Mary Schneidau, Lisa Helfman and Rachel Tennenbaum. Last row, from left: Lili Rubin, Christi Harvey, Kim Albright, Leslie Goldman and Megan Cash.

    From: Wanderlust
  • Goodbye party

    Hostess Vicky Dyer-Smith opened her home for a Texas to New Mexico goodbye party for Connie Senter. (Front row, from left) Connie Senter, Sharon Brier, Lynda Johnson, Diane Gelman; (Back row, from left) Vicky Dyer-Smith, Lili Rubin, Sandi Selzer Bryant, Connie Reddy, Jean Robin, Rhonda Glick.​

    From: Wow of a send-off
  • Ebie Nametz, Mike Nametz, Connie Senter, Sharon Maloney, Lili Rubin, Sharon Albert Brier, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Mady Kades

    Cape Cod getaway

    From: Escape from the heat