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Liz Andrews

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  • Liz Andrews, Sally Salners, Michele Hosko, and Sharon Cordes

    MARGARITAS AND MERRIMENT The committee for the Tangle Lane Spring Fiesta included (from left) Liz Andrews, Sally Salners, Michele Hosko, and Sharon Cordes.

    From: Rumor Has It - June 2023
  • Staci Andrews, Demi Dugger, Myrt Huerter, Liz Andrews

    CANDY MAKING Staci Andrews, Demi Dugger, 90-year-old Myrt Huerter, and Liz Andrews spent time making candy together for the holidays.

    From: Rumor Has It - January 2023
  • Tangle Lane

    Spring on over. Tangle Lane Spring party hosts and hostesses (from left) Jerry Hosko, Mo and Sharon Cordes, Bill and Alisha Johnson, Howard and Vicky Dyer-Smith, Liz Andrews, Iva Ann and Jim King; not pictured are: Michele Hosko, Sandi Greenstone, Sally Salners, Peg Austin, Anita Eigler, and Tracy Peddie. 

    From: Spring on over
  • Tangle Lane Party Hostesses

    Tangle Lane party hostesses (from left): Liz Andrews, Tracy Peddie, Sally Salners, Iva Ann King, Sue Howe, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Michele Hosko, Delia Stroud. Not pictured: Peg Austin and Sandi Greenstone

    From: Walk on over
  • ​Tangle Lane neighbors

    ​Tangle Lane neighbors (from left): Jerry and Michelle Hosko, Dave Wood and Jan Bartholomew, Liz and Rob Andrews.  ​

    From: Walk on down