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Laurie Sorsby

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  • Memorial Drive Garden Club Holiday Gals food hostesses

    Pictured are Memorial Drive Garden Club Holiday Gals food hostesses (back row, from left) Nora Ackerley, Elizabeth Nelson-Davila, Judy Glasford, Laurie Sorsby, Susanna Jeu, Susan Farmer; (front row, from left) Roz Cooley, Susan Braden and Katherine Bodron. Not pictured: Hostess Rohan Baumgartner and hospitality chairs Suzy Godwin and Melanie Whatley. 

    From: Surprise miniature guest
  • Memorial Garden Club

    GREEN THUMBS The Memorial Garden Club met for lunch and to install new officers. From left: Laurie Sorsby, Katherine Bodron, Melanie Whately, Susan Diehl, Diane McDaniel, (sitting) Sharon Brier, Jana Stiffel and Susanna Jeu. Not pictured: Kristi Barnhill and Suzy Godwin. 

    From: Gowns made of flowers
  • Memorial Drive Garden Club

    Memorial Drive Garden Club's board and members decided to donate $20 each for hurricane victims in lieu of a gift exchange. (Bottom row, from left) Kristi Barnhill and Tammy Coker; (top row, from left) Maureen Berry and hostess Laurie Sorsby.

    From: The gift of giving
  • Laurie Sorsby, Jacqueline Grogan, Susan Braden

    Laurie Sorsby, Jacqueline Grogan, and Susan Braden

    From: Flowering friendships