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Deborah Dunkum

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  • Marlin Interruption Club

    Cindy Burnett attended a meeting of the Marlin Interruption Club: Housing Chapter and loved meeting the members. Pictured are (front row, from left) Connie Wallace, Marian Catechis, Liz Woodard; (back row, from left) Donna Kleist, Meredith Cocke, Deborah Dunkum. Not pictured: Olivia Fisher, Ruth Duenser and Melva Meronek.

    From: A Book Club Q & A: Visiting with a Highly Entertaining Group
  • Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary

    PRESIDENTS At a lunch for the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary are presidents past and present: (from left, front row) Stick Delaup, Deborah Dunkum, Gina Saour, Lucy Lewis, Rhonda Jones, (back row) Gayle Eury, Nancy Willerson, Major Melody Davis, Vicki West, Lilly Andress, Carole Sharpe, Mary Maxey, Judy McGee and Dorothy Nicholson. Not pictured: Ann Bookout and Brenda Devore.

    From: The past and future
  • Deborah Dunkum, Betty Hrncir and Dorothy Nicholson

    Deborah Dunkum, Betty Hrncir and Dorothy Nicholson (Photo: Kim Coffman)

    From: Half a million