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Brittany Dinerstein

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  • Brittany Dinerstein, Brad Dinerstein, Nancy Dinerstein, Jack Dinerstein, Ross Dinerstein, Liz Dinerstein, Brian Dinerstein

    HERE’S TO 50 YEARS The Dinerstein family celebrated Nancy and Jack’s 50th anniversary. From left: Brittany and Brad, Nancy and Jack, Ross and Liz, and Liz and Brian. (Photo: SOA Photography)

    From: Rumor Has It - July 2022
  • Brad Dinerstein, Brittany Dinerstein

    Brittany Bloom and Brad Dinerstein were set up on a blind date by mutual friends. (Photo: J. Cogliandro Photography)

    From: Wedding Stories
  • Wedding party

    Brittany’s wedding party included (from left) Jenny Sangalis, Lauren Lestin, Leila Ladjevardian, Whitney Wolfe, Kate Wilson, bride Brittany, Gracey Winters, Brooke Grisebaum, Ashley Bush, Julie Petry and Victoria Pappas. (Photo: J. Cogliandro Photography)

    From: Wedding Stories

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